Red Lobster To Bring New Shrimp Trios To Its Menu

Red Lobster is beloved by fans for its bountiful baskets of rich Cheddar Bay Biscuits and its numerous seafood offerings, like classic New England Clam Chowder and crab legs. While the scale of the chain's operations helps keep normally-expensive seafood items like lobster relatively cheap, the prices still tend to run higher than terrestrial fare — just north of $30 for the Wild-Caught Snow Crab Legs and almost $40 for the Maine Lobster Tail Duo, to take two examples. That's likely why many budget-conscious diners opt for America's most popular seafood option, shrimp, when dining at the chain — and luckily for those wallet-conscious consumers, Red Lobster offers the tiny crustaceans in a plethora of ways.

For years Red Lobster fans have been able to choose from coconut-breaded shrimp, butterflied shrimp, salmon smothered in shrimp, shrimp linguini Alfredo, and more. So popular are the chain's shrimp creations that it even offers endless shrimp on Monday nights, allowing people to sample from across the menu. But for the other six days of the week, folks will now be able to get a sampling of multiple shrimp dishes with Red Lobster's two new shrimp trios, which each feature three different preparations and come with two sides and biscuits.

Choose from Classic and Cajun

According to a press release, Red Lobster's new Shrimp Trio will come in two flavor options. For those who like to stick to the classics, the Seaside Shrimp Trio delivers tried-and-true menu items that are always a hit: Walt's Favorite Shrimp fried golden-brown with a side of spicy cocktail sauce, buttery garlic shrimp scampi, and rich shrimp linguini Alfredo.

Dialing things up a bit, the Cajun Shrimp Trio features the same fried shrimp paired with a Cajun remoulade for dipping instead of the classic cocktail sauce. The spiced option also features Cajun shrimp scampi and creamy Cajun shrimp linguini Alfredo.

In addition to the new seafood menu item, the chain is updating its bar offerings with three new cocktails: Blue Dream Sangria (which features elderflower liqueur), a mango martini garnished with a tajin-dusted lime, and a blackberry bourbon smash.