The Best Way To Reheat Leftover Waffles & Keep Them Crispy

No sweet breakfast evokes a leisurely morning quite like waffles. Whether frozen or homemade and topped with chocolate and fruit, waffles are one of those foods that come and taste delicious in all shapes and sizes. Just avoid making them soggy, and your morning is guaranteed to succeed.

Sometimes, however, you want the benefits of homemade waffles without the effort of starting from scratch. Make a big enough batch, and your morning ritual can be as simple as reheating yesterday's work. But warming leftover waffles may not be as simple as it seems. Microwaving waffles is quick and easy but may inhibit your breakfast's soft and crispy texture. They can turn out soggy, or even worse, they'll end up too chewy and nearly inedible.

Fortunately, there's one technique to reheat waffles that preserves their texture and preserves your time — skip the microwave and plug in your toaster. After all, a toaster is a tried-and-true technique for heating freezer waffles, and the same rules apply to the homemade version.

Use your toaster for quick but effective waffle warming

Indeed, to toast leftover waffles in a rush, simply pop them in the toaster. You only need about a minute, and your waffles will warm all the way through and gain a little toastiness on both ends. Fair warning, this trick works best with thinner waffles, as overly-thick waffles likely won't fit in your toaster slots. If your waffles are on the thicker side, don't fret; you'll have better success with a toaster oven. Alternatively, you can reheat waffles in the actual oven. However, this approach takes longer than toasting and requires more effort. 

Because waffles taste best when slightly crispy, the toaster is ultimately the best option for heating and giving your waffles a slightly crunchy texture. Luckily, this trick is easy enough to test for yourself. Once you start toasting your leftover waffles, you won't even give the microwave or the oven a second thought.