What Ingredients Make A Basic Fruit Dip (& How Do You Flavor It)?

From children's birthday parties to celebratory baby showers, engagement parties to casual game nights, there is never a bad time for a fruit tray. Whether you stick to more common fruit varieties like strawberries, pineapple, and grapes or get a little creative and choose fruits that aren't always included, like pears, star fruit, or pomegranates, the sweet snack is a surefire crowd-pleaser that can be put together quickly with minimal effort. But if you're looking for a delicious, easy way to elevate your fruit tray game, you should consider adding a bowl of fruit dip.

With just two simple ingredients — marshmallow creme and cream cheese — you can create a creamy and flavorful dip that pairs perfectly with any fresh fruit you choose to include in your tray. From there, you can easily transform this basic dip and add your own unique twist by flavoring it with additional ingredients.

Flavor your fruit dip

To make a basic fruit dip, start by softening a package of cream cheese to make it easier to mix. Next, add an equal amount of marshmallow creme and mix the two ingredients together using a hand mixer or a whisk until they are well combined and have a smooth and creamy texture — you don't want any lumps.

While the tangy, sweet dip is fine to serve as is, if you want to add a little extra flavor there are a variety of ingredients you can mix in. Vanilla extract can add a sweet and subtle flavor to the dip, while almond extract can give it a nutty taste. You could also mix in a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg for a warm and cozy flavor.

And you're not limited to standard baking flavorings. Consider mixing a spoonful or two of another spread such as peanut butter or Nutella to the dip or stir in chopped nuts — such as pecans, almonds, or walnuts — for added texture.

With just two ingredients and a few simple mix-ins, you can create a fruit dip that is uniquely your own and wow your party guests.