The Simple Food Processor Hack Martha Stewart Taught Jamie Oliver

Domestic icon Martha Stewart is well-known for her delicious recipes and genius food hacks. From her slow-cooker Persian lamb stew to her one-pan pasta, we love trying out her mouthwatering meals. Stewart also makes our time in the kitchen simpler by recommending tips like using a slotted spoon to easily pluck off cilantro leaves or creating perfectly portioned cookies by using an ice cream scoop to put the dough onto your baking sheet. With all of these great tips in her arsenal, it's not surprising that the cookbook author has her own show on Roku appropriately titled "Martha Cooks."

The series features Stewart sharing with audiences how to make dishes like paella, how to create a perfect chicken diner, and how to make next-level shellfish. In some of the episodes she also cooks with her famous friends like Jamie Oliver. The English restaurateur joins Stewart in an upcoming episode obtained by People, where he shows her how to make his baked lemon cheesecake from his cookbook "One." While he's using a food processor to mix the ingredients, Stewart recommends a simple method that Oliver is blown away by.

She shows the chef how to easily hold the appliance

While Oliver is showing Stewart how to whip up his baked lemon cheesecake, he reaches for the food processor, per People. He explains how simple the recipe is to make while emptying out his ingredients and Stewart looks surprised and asks, "You don't know the trick with your finger?" The "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" star looks confused and asks if she means using his finger to wipe the mix from the appliance.

Stewart replies "no" and shows Oliver how to hold the device on the outside to keep the blade at the bottom from moving, instead of his technique of placing his finger into the food processor. The chef looks shocked and says, "I can't believe I didn't know that!" He then thanks Stewart for showing him the clever food hack to which she smiles and gives the thumbs up. "See? Still learning!" he says. "I'm always happy to learn from you."

If you want to try out the Stewart-approved technique try making our lemon cheesecake bars recipe, which uses a food processor to create this delicious dessert that's ready to eat in under an hour.