The Best Ice To Use For Star-Quality Mint Juleps

The mint julep is a timeless Southern classic, exuding charm and elegance with its refreshing blend of mint, sugar, and Bourbon. While the ingredients are simple, crafting the perfect mint julep requires attention to detail. Despite the limited ingredient list there is still one crucial element that's often overlooked: ice. Surprisingly, the type of ice used in this iconic cocktail can make all the difference, and crushed ice reigns supreme — especially in the world of mint juleps. 

By choosing crushed ice for your mint julep, you elevate this timeless cocktail to new heights, creating a refreshing drinking experience. But to discover why crushed ice is the key to unlocking this cocktail's full potential, you need to understand the benefits of this type of ice and how they specifically serve mint juleps. Crushed ice offers several advantages including surface area and the rate at which the ice melts into the drink.

The advantages of crushed ice

Crushed ice is the best choice for this beloved cocktail because of its ability to quickly cool and slowly dilute the Bourbon-forward cocktail. Crushed ice has a larger surface area compared to standard ice cubes, allowing the drink to chill faster. This rapid cooling is essential for the mint julep because it enhances the refreshing quality of the mint and tames the warmth of the bourbon.

Because the ice is smaller, it also melts more quickly than a large ice cube would. This is helpful because it gradually dilutes the drink as it is consumed. This controlled dilution harmoniously balances the boldness of the bourbon with the sweetness of the sugar and the coolness of the mint, creating a perfectly sippable concoction. 

So, the next time you host a Derby party or plan to make mint juleps at home, make sure you take the time to prepare or buy the right ice. While it might seem like a small adjustment, it can make quite a difference in how the drink is enjoyed.