14 Places To Order An Easter Feast For 2023

When it comes to hosting holiday gatherings for friends and family, one of the most stressful parts for many is preparing the meal. After all, in many cases, you will be making and cooking dishes that have been in your family for generations. Not to mention, you may even be serving a great number of people. Between the cleaning, decorating, prepping, cooking, and baking, all of that pressure can be a bit much. Thankfully, there is an alternative to preparing a massive meal all on your own.

Restaurants, companies, and markets across the country can do all that hard work for you. With a bit of forethought and planning, you can order food from across the country to be delivered right to your door. The best part is that you can choose what kind of meal you want to serve. Everything from traditional ham feasts to something  like seafood gumbo from New Orleans is basically at your fingertips this Easter.

Omaha Steaks

With so many delicious choices and ways to customize, Omaha Steaks is the perfect place to order your Easter feast. To get started, you'll first choose from one of three customizable options or the grand feast with pre-selected options. The customizable options allow you to choose your meat. While the more extensive meal options offer ham and lamb, there is an additional choice of Turkey Roulade en Croute for meals serving only four. Along with the main dishes, you'll pick from several veggie side dishes, including whipped sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Dessert options include cheesecake, carrot cake, and pineapple upside-down cake. If you prefer to have the meal choices made for you, the grand feast includes Chateaubriand, creamed corn, scalloped potatoes, baguettes, and caramel apple tartlets.

Omaha Steaks has a rich history that dates back to 1917 when it began as Table Supply Meat Company. In 1942, the company started shipping steaks across the country aboard trains. In 1966, the company officially became Omaha Steaks, and it has been providing customers with high-quality meats and gourmet foods ever since. With over 100 years of experience, you can trust Omaha Steaks to deliver a delicious and memorable Easter feast without the fuss.

Whole Foods Market

Look no further than Whole Foods Market for memorable options to feed a crowd of around a dozen people. This Easter feast features a Maple Bourbon Ham with Brown Sugar Citrus Glaze that is bursting with smoky-sweet flavor and spiral-sliced. In the Easter Extravaganza package, you'll also enjoy Roasted Turkey Breast with Lemon Butter Sauce, a juicy and flavorful option that will dazzle your guests.

But that's not all; Whole Foods Market has a variety of delectable side dishes to complement your main course, including Green Beans with Roasted Shallots, Lemon-Dill Carrots, Scalloped Potatoes, and Macaroni & Cheese. For vegetarian options, Whole Foods Market offers Classic Deviled Eggs, Tomato Basil Arancini, and Tortellini, Kale & Parmesan Soup, all of which are packed with flavor and absolutely crave-worthy. What really sets Whole Foods Market apart is the attention to detail and quality of its ingredients. The Blackberry Burrata Salad features a baby arugula topped with creamy burrata, blackberries, almonds, radish, and cucumber, all tossed in an orange poppy seed dressing that will leave your taste buds singing.

Hosting a small gathering? Whole Foods Market has you covered with a meal for four people that has Atlantic Salmon en Croute, Grilled Asparagus & Artichoke Salad, Lemon-Dill Carrots, Scalloped Potatoes, and Lemon-Butter Sauce. But whatever you choose, be sure you don't forget to add in some Strawberry Shortcake. With layers of shortcake, strawberries, and whipped cream, this tasty treat is perfect for the season.

Harry & David

We love Harry & David for all its delicious treats and simple ordering. For a traditional Easter meal, Harry & David offers its Gourmet Ham Dinner, featuring spiral-sliced ham with a honey glaze, creamy snap peas with bacon, three-cheese scalloped potatoes, and an artichoke, mushroom, and bacon frittata. And of course, no Easter meal would be complete without a sweet treat, and we think you'll agree that the New York-style original cheesecake is Easter meal perfection. Alternatively, if you're in the mood for something a little different, the Gourmet Ham and Turkey Brunch offer sliced ham, sliced turkey breast, potatoes, frittata, and a delicious Wolferman's apple streusel coffee cake full of apple-cinnamon goodness.

For a truly indulgent feast, Harry & David's Gourmet Prime Rib Feast is a must-try. Aside from the prime rib, you'll get black truffle and almond green beans, acorn squash with maple glaze, gruyere and garlic red mashed potatoes, chocolate-covered baklava, and horseradish sauce. No matter what you choose, you'll love your meal, and since Harry & David has been supplying delicious gifts since 1934, you can trust that its meats, vegetables, and desserts are some of the best. Speaking of desserts, you'll regret it if you don't order the carrot cake.

Porto's Bakery and Cafe

We firmly believe that the best meals are made entirely of appetizers and desserts. And that's just the kind of Easter celebration Porto's Bakery and Cafe offers for your gathering. This Cuban bakery brings excellent options that make celebrating easy and delicious.

Porto's has a whole bunch of tasty treats, but we highly recommend trying the cheese rolls, potato balls, carrot crumb loaf, and croquettes. These appetizers will arrive at your doorstep uncooked and ready for your oven, ensuring they are fresh and hot when served. Porto's offers three sizes to order: small, medium, and large. The small size includes two dozen appetizers, the medium size contains three to four dozen, and the large size has five to six dozen. If you're ordering for your family, the medium size is perfect, and we recommend the large size for a larger gathering.

And be sure to remember dessert, because LA's iconic Porto's Bakery and Cafe's cakes perfectly top off your meal. The Milk'n Berries Cake is fresh and spring-like, while the Parisian Cake is decadently chocolatey.


Citarella has been a mainstay in New York since 1912. Then, in 1982, Joe Gurrera purchased the restaurant to continue the legacy. Even if you're far from New York, you can still enjoy all that Citarella has to offer. Please note that although Citarella ships across the country, it does charge based on the area to which you are shipping.

When ordering, be sure you place your Easter feast order at least 48 hours before you plan on serving your meal. This way, the restaurant has enough time to prepare your food and get it to you on time. Though there isn't a specific, assigned, and designed Easter, you do have an extensive Easter menu from which to choose with entrées, caviar, soups, appetizers, dips, vegetable sides, pasta, and sauces. If you're looking for something special and sweet, don't miss the Easter Egg Bread with pretty sprinkles. For a savory option, the Pizza Rustica with cheese, meat, eggs, and tasty basil is a must-try.


Polish food resonates with many Americans and reminds us of fond memories of family and home-cooked meals. The founder of Polana, Mario Machnicki, created a Polish food delivery service to bring people across the country the taste of traditional Polish cuisine. Polana ships nationwide, including Puerto Rico. Those in the Midwest will receive their order in one or two days, but the further from Illinois you live, the longer that order will take to arrive at your door.

Polana's Polish Easter baskets are also known as "Święconka." These baskets are pretty generous and come in several different styles. Even the smallest basket from Polana comes with Fresh Biala Sausage, Easter Basket Bread, grated horseradish, wooden eggs, White Borscht instant soup packet, Easter mini Babka, Easter mini ham, and an Easter mini Sausage. On the other hand, the large basket is, well, more extensive, with everything from the small basket plus Fresh Biala Sausage Regular, Polish Rye Bread, Kosciuszko Mustard, Cracovia Old-Polish Sour Rye Soup Starter, Kamis Dry Marjoram, Babka Piaskowa, Smoked Gypsy Bacon, Kielbasa, Krakow Sausage, and Easter Butter Lamb.

Dorothy Lane Market

For a ham straight from heaven, order your Easter meal from Dorothy Lane Market. Unlike other Easter feast choices, the options here are a little more limited, but if you're hoping for something traditional, this one is a sure bet. This dinner kit includes a delicious ham slathered in honey and spices, sweet rolls, macaroni and cheese, roasted potatoes, and even a dessert of brownie bites. If you're looking for even more tasty treats, there's even an Easter Cookie and Candy Board with everything from tasty seasonal bars to chocolate Easter bunnies.

Though Dorothy Lane has more of a national presence today, that wasn't always the case when it opened in 1948 in Dayton, Ohio. This one location has blossomed into several more, but with nationwide shipping, there's no need to travel to Ohio to enjoy this delicious ham. In addition to great food, Dorothy Lane has flourished under some strong company values that help ensure the company follows its values.

The Honey Baked Ham Company

While many restaurants and companies come out with special meals around different holiday seasons, The Honey Baked Ham Company offers these meals year-round. But there's no better time than Easter to roll out a delicious sweet ham for your guests.

The meal offerings from The Honey Baked Ham Company are pretty substantial, but they include some essential ingredients, including honey-baked ham, veggie sides, a potato side, and a dessert. Although the company is well known for its honey ham, whole turkey and turkey breast dinners are also available. All meals come frozen with cooking instructions, so you will have a freshly cooked meal whenever you are ready to prepare it.

You can count on The Honey Baked Ham Company to offer some of the best ham out there because it has been creating spiral-sliced ham since 1957. In fact, it was Harry Hoenselaar who patented a spiral-slicing process that made ham easy to serve at holiday meals.

Fiorelle's Jack Stack Barbecue

Fortunately, when it comes to holiday dining, you and your family can make your own menu. While many families will enjoy a ham around Easter time, that is far from your only choice. Another great option is a good old-fashioned barbecue like that from Fiorelle's Jack Stack Barbecue.

You can order many different kinds of platters through Jack Stack's, but one of our favorites is the Hickory-Roasted Lamb Ribs. Plus, since people often eat lamb on Easter, you can have something traditional but a little different at the same time. The items come flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed, so you will want to allow plenty of time to have them thaw in your fridge before reheating them on a grill. For this reason, be sure to plan ahead and order your feast with plenty of time to thaw. Depending on the item, this can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours.

Commander's Palace

If you've ever been to New Orleans, there is a good chance you have considered dining at Commander's Palace. After all, this institution has been bringing great flavors to New Orleans since 1893. Many famous chefs have graced the kitchen at Commander's Palace, like Emeril Lagasse, Jamie Shannon, and other fabulous chefs with distinct offerings.

And the best news is that you don't even need to be in New Orleans to enjoy the tasty food here. For your Easter dinner this year, consider ordering a three-course quail dinner or even a helping of Seafood Gumbo fit to serve four to six. To top things off, don't forget to order a Pecan Pie for the perfect Southern dessert. It may be the most unconventional Easter meal you've ever had, but it will undoubtedly be one of the more memorable ones. Finally, while you're at it, don't forget to pick up a wake-up and wind-down coffee and cocktail mix gift set for your holiday's perfect beginning and ending.

Cochon Butcher

Cochon Butcher is another New Orleans favorite that can bring a fun twist to your Easter meal. If a charcuterie board or even a sausage party sounds like something your party would enjoy, look no further. This butcher shop and restaurant is an absolute favorite in the area, and it even boasts several meal kits you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

We love how unique the Cajun Grande Boucherie Feast is, and it serves a massive number of people too. If you are expecting somewhere between 12 and 14 guests in your home, give this one a quick look because, if nothing else, it would make an absolute show-stopping appetizer. Cochon Butcher also offers a more traditional Easter dinner. This meal is set to serve between four and six people. Think of it as Easter with a New Orleans flare. Of course, there's ham as well as a sweet glaze, and then you get crawfish gratin, bacon collard greens, and tasty rolls.

Brownstone Pancake Factory

For many families, Easter morning is full of excitement and wonder. Between Easter egg hunts and basket surprises, many homes are filled with laughter and sweets throughout the morning. To complement these festive mornings, check out Brownstone Pancakes' Easter Brunch Box. This beautiful box serves anywhere between eight and ten people and is full of some delicious breakfast treats.

Upon opening your box, you'll see 15 buttermilk pancakes, 10 Belgian waffles, and 16 Charles French toast squares. You'll also get a slew of toppings and crunchy bits to enjoy with your waffles. Everything from Nutella to fun candies and even crispy cereals is available to create the perfect sugary breakfast. Brownstone Pancake Factory also offers the same box in a gluten-free version should your family require this alternative. The best part is that reheating is easy because you will pop those pancakes, waffles, and squares into the oven for a few minutes, and your family will be ready to Chow Down in no time.

17th St. BBQ

One of the best parts about barbecue is that it differs depending on where you find it. For a taste of Southern Illinois barbecue, look no further than 17th Street Barbecue in Southern Illinois. Here, the pits are looked after by none other than Mike Mills. This Pitmaster is nationally acclaimed and has won many awards.

But if you are a long way from Illinois, never fear because you can order your Easter feast from this popular barbecue joint and have it delivered right to your home. Unlike other companies that offer a pre-arranged feast, you get to pick and choose your delicious items. Everything from ham with a holiday glaze, beef tenderloin, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, potato salad, baked beans, and even breakfast casserole is up for grabs. Plus, there are dessert options and even some pre-mixed cocktails to make your Easter dinner extra special.


Zingerman's offers a truly unique concept when it comes to ordering food. Rather than having only the options available from a single restaurant, Zingerman's brings together many small businesses in the area to create an outstanding online marketplace.

In addition to smaller treats, you can also order much larger meals. For Easter, Zingerman's offers an Easter Feaster collection. With your order, you will enjoy ham, goat cheese, gouda, bread, pretzels, peanuts, and even mini Easter egg chocolates. It may not be a complete meal like you are used to, but it will definitely be perfect for a snack and grazing holiday. On top of your snacks, you can also order an Easter Bread Box, smoked ham, or a carrot cake from Zingerman's. Alternatively, you can pick up an Easter Extravaganza Gift Basket which will amount to one of the best Easter baskets you have ever enjoyed, filled with brownies, cookies, peanuts, cheese sticks, and plenty of salty and sweet snacks.