Martha Stewart Forages Seaweed For Her DIY Seasoning Salt

Martha Stewart is known for her love of cooking and her passion for using the freshest ingredients in her recipes. In fact, she often grows or cultivates her own produce much of the time. But one ingredient you might be surprised to hear that she often forages for herself is seaweed.

As Stewart turns her attention to the ingredient which is underutilized in American cuisine, you might be wondering where exactly she goes to forage seaweed. Fortunately for the mogul, she walks the beaches of Maine not far from her home there to collect one type of seaweed in particular. According to Food & Wine, Stewart specifically collects kombu seaweed as she walks along the shore. 

While sushi often comes to mind as a use for seaweed, there are actually tons of other ways you can put the plant to good use in the kitchen. And just because it is often used in traditional dishes doesn't mean that it is limited to just that. 

How to use seaweed at home

Though there are tons of uses for seaweed, Stewart keeps things relatively simple. She sees seaweed as a versatile ingredient, using it in a very approachable way for those people who might be hesitant to try it

Once Stewart has gathered her seaweed, she dries it out until it's completely dehydrated. This is a time-consuming process that can take up to a year. Once this is complete, it can then be ground into a fine powder, which Stewart combines with salt to make a unique seasoning blend. The result is a flavorful salt with a subtle umami taste that pairs well with all kinds of foods ranging from vegetables to meats. 

Beyond its culinary uses, seaweed is also packed with nutrients. So the next time you're near the ocean, keep an eye out for certain types of seaweed and try your hand at drying it. You might be surprised at how delicious it can be when used alongside salt for a richer savory flavor.