Magnolia Bakery's Iconic Banana Pudding Is Now Available In Cookie Form

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If you're a fan of Magnolia Bakery or perhaps just a lover of all things banana-flavored, then you're in for quite a treat. The iconic New York-based bakery chain has officially entered the consumer packaged goods market with the release of soft cookies inspired by its wildly popular banana pudding!

Magnolia Bakery has been delighting customers with its signature banana pudding since it first opened in 1996. The seemingly simple concoction consists of specially mixed instant vanilla pudding, vanilla wafers, heavy cream, and fresh bananas, though, due to the dessert's popularity, the chain has expanded its line to include banana-free variations for some of its special rotating "pudding of the month" flavors. You can currently find the original pudding at Magnolia locations in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, as well as in some Middle Eastern and Asian locations. It's also available for online ordering and nationwide shipping. 

However, with the introduction of the new line of Banana Pudding Cookies in grocery stores, it will be even easier to sample (some version) of the bakery's popular treat.

Expanding the pudding market

According to the Magnolia Bakery website, the company is launching three cookie flavors, all inspired by variations of the beloved dessert. The cookies, which come in Classic Vanilla with White Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Chunk, and Confetti with White Chocolate Chips are all made with real butter, real bananas, premium chocolate, and of course, the vanilla wafers the original pudding is known for. The Classic Vanilla with White Chocolate chips is the closest to the flavor of the classic pudding recipe, according to Food52, while the Chocolate Chunk incorporates a hint of chocolate with the banana flavor, and the Confetti with White Chocolate Chips includes a colorful sprinkling of pastel confetti and "a hint of birthday cake flavor."

The boxes containing four individually wrapped soft cookies will soon be available in the bakery aisle of your local grocery store and on Amazon.