20 Trendiest Bars In Miami For Spring Break 2023

Miami, Florida is known for being a celebrity hotspot that boasts stunning sandy beaches and sunny skies all year long. In addition to having a top-notch culinary scene, Miami is also home to some of the best clubs and bars in the country. That said, it should be no surprise that Miami has consistently been one of the hottest Spring Break destinations for decades. Whether you're looking to dance the night away in a crowded club or sip on some refreshing beachside cocktails with a soundtrack of crashing waves, Spring Breakers of all kinds are sure to have the time of their lives in Miami.

In addition to all of the classic clubs, Miami also has tons of trendy bars that serve up a more modern drinking experience. From sleek and sultry cocktail bars to fun tiki bars that have a tropical setting, travelers don't have to worry about having limited options when seeking a stiff drink and fun scene in The Magic City. Without further ado, here's our list of the trendiest bars in Miami for Spring Break 2023.


From its decor to its drinks, Escotico is a tiki bar filled with splashes of vibrancy with electric energy to match. Neon lights illuminate the bar, which is stacked with every spirit you could want, and the servers and bartenders know how to put on a good show.

Drinks bubble, smoke, and spark, but Escotico's style are accompanied by a substance as it serves up some of the most delicious cocktails in Miami. Order one of its signatures for yourself, or go all in on a group drink like the fiery Mauna Kea volcano or the smoking treasure chest. If you plan your night right, you can even make it to happy hour from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., where the bar's craft cocktails and happy hour bites are served for $8 a pop.

Swizzle Rum Bar & Drinkery

Swizzle Run Bar & Drinkery is a late-night bar that we think is one of the best speakeasies in the country, and you'll know why once you take a sip of one of the signature drinks. The bar's old-school Miami feel permeates the whole establishment, from the staff uniforms to the jukebox to the copper-clad bar. However, the folks at Swizzle are wholeheartedly dedicated to pushing the bounds of flavor combinations.

The menu runs the cocktail gamut, from traditional to modern options, such as the Sip, Bite, Sip, also known as Swizzle's Piña Colada. The bartenders also pay homage to the bar's Miami locale, offering tropically-influenced drinks like the Pisco Smuggler, Rhum Swizzle, and Floridita Daiquiri No. 2. And, as a self-proclaimed rum bar, it's no surprise that it offers an extensive selection and a varied tasting menu.

Broken Shaker at Freehand Miami

Hot Miami nights can be enjoyed in the Broken Shaker's spacious tree-lined courtyard, complete with plenty of comfortable seats and conversation nooks. It sits in the backyard of the Freehand. Drinks are served out of an unassuming wooden shack, but each selection is unforgettable. Each handcrafted cocktail is shaken up with a combination of syrups and infusions derived from herbs, spices, fresh-pressed produce, and other eye-catching international ingredients.

Opt for the Thai-Thai baby for a fresh taste of tequila, manzanilla, cucumber-Thai basil syrup, citrus, and absinthe. Or, go for Mack's Fault to try the Broken Shaker's unforgettable combination of Turkish coffee-infused fat-washed bourbon, rye, cardamom syrup, and tiki bitters. The bar even serves up seasonal cocktails like the Pollen in Love — a delicious blend of scotch, bitters, grapefruit, lime, and local honey. Reservations are encouraged, so head to Freehand's website to snag a table.


WunderBar is tucked into Miami Beach's Circa 39 hotel, but it's worth making the trek to mid-beach for its collection of over 80 types of the best rum from around the world. Its menu spans cocktails that feature a variety of spirits, but unsurprisingly, it specializes in rum, so don't miss the 1888 Old Fashioned, which features rum, espresso syrup, and orange bitters, and the Circa 39 Sangria that is made with rum, wine, orange juice, and club soda.

WunderBar also has a solid happy hour called WunderHour that takes place from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. This self-proclaimed "hidden gem" is the perfect spot to enjoy some day drinking and sunshine before hitting the town for a true Spring Break evening in Miami Beach.

Jaguar Sun

Jaguar Sun doubles as a late-night restaurant and bar in Miami. The gorgeous bar blends tropical and contemporary influences to create a cool scene that spring breakers will love. That said, the massive patio with colorful picnic tables is ideal for big groups grabbing drinks and food. The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 1 a.m., allowing patrons to grab a soothing nightcap at midnight almost all week long.

If you like a little heat in your cocktail, the Green Ghoul is sure to satisfy your palate with a combo of tequila, mezcal, cucumber, lime, and smoky poblano pepper. For something more fruity and refreshing, go for the specialty Hoatzin which is made with two kinds of rum, guava juice, pineapple juice, and Campari.

Mac's Club Deuce

Mac's Club Deuce is an old-school bar that brings nostalgia and timeless fun to the forefront. In fact, Mac's Club Deuce is one of the oldest bars in Miami and has been around since 1926, though it didn't go under the ownership of the "Mac" until the 1960s. Its no-fuss vibe and approach made it a favorite among the likes of Anthony Bourdain, and anyone looking to enjoy a crisp beer and laid-back setting will feel right at home.

The neon lights are without a doubt the most iconic part of the decor, creating a very retro and immersive atmosphere both inside the bar and on the exterior. Come for the drinks, but stay for the great vibes as you let loose and experience one of the most historic bars in Miami. You can also leave with some stylish merch as a souvenir.

Ted's Hideaway

Located in South Beach, Ted's Hideaway is an iconic hotspot that is loved by locals. The pink and palm tree-lined exterior looks straight out of a movie, and it's worth snapping a photo in front of. If you're looking to see how true Miami locals live and drink, Ted's Hideaway is the place to be. The food is simple yet satisfying, with bites such as elote, French fries, and Ted's famous pickled hot wings. There are also larger dishes available ranging from sandwiches to burgers and even a tasty shrimp basket.

That said, there's no denying that most patrons come for the drinks. The mixed well drinks are consistent and the craft beers are diverse. Stop by, shoot some pool, and shoot some shots for an ideal day during Spring Break.

The Corner

Looking for something more lowkey and laid-back? The Corner is situated in the Park West area of Downtown Miami, placing guests in the heart of one of the oldest and most historic parts of the city. The round bistro tables are ideal for couples or friends looking to chat over some unique cocktails or craft beers. The Corner is also known for hosting some of the best jazz nights in Miami, so be sure to plan your visit accordingly if you are a fan of smooth tunes and mellow vibes.

When it comes to food, expect to find everything from sandwiches to more elevated bar bites such as chips and house-made dip, a charcuterie plate, and a Mediterranean platter. The Floridita Daiquiri tastes like Spring Break in a glass and is made with rum, grapefruit juice, and fresh lime juice.

Dante's HiFi

If you're seeking a one-of-a-kind Spring Break bar experience in Miami, look no further than Dante's HiFi. This unique venue is the first vinyl-listening bar that pairs the best tunes with the best drinks. It truly is a hipster's paradise, offering a light-hearted and inspiring time that you truly can't get anywhere else. The sound system is out of this world, ensuring that patrons are able to enjoy the music no matter where they're sitting or standing.

Despite the fact that Dante's HiFi offers membership access for locals, it is also open to the public, allowing visiting Spring Breakers to take part in a night of groovy sounds and sippers. If you come later in the evening, expect to dance all night long as you sip on local beers and classic cocktails.

The Sylvester

Kick back in one of the velvet chairs at The Sylvester and embark on a mixology-centered journey complete with retro vibes and vintage decor. The list of signature cocktails is pretty diverse and inventive, ensuring that your drinking experience at The Sylvester is far from your standard well cocktail. The ingredients used are incredibly unique and some cocktails include everything from Greek yogurt to pandan and condensed milk.

If you're seeking something that tastes great but also has some texture, go for the Rosmarino which offers an enticing mouth feel thanks to the olive oil fat wash. There are also plenty of beers, wines, and seltzers to choose from if you prefer a lower alcohol content. If you prefer zero alcohol content, The Sylvester there are also a handful of mocktails on the menu.

Cucu's Nest Bar

Cucu's Nest Bar has everything you need for an epic Spring Break evening in Miami. The drinks are fresh, the food is filling, and the many TVs allow you to tune into any and all major sporting events. However, in the evenings, Cucu's Nest Bar hosts a DJ that gets the dance floor going, along with the occasional live performer. If playing pool is up your alley, be sure to take advantage of the billiards table after requesting your favorite song on the jukebox.

If you're planning on going the VIP route for a larger group, book bottle service and enjoy top-notch VIP service. It gets pretty crowded on the weekends, and since it's open until 5 a.m. every day, you'll easily be able to party until the sun comes up.

Kill Your Idol

Since its opening in 2012, Kill Your Idol has been offering a unique option to the typical club scene of South Beach. The retro music provides a nostalgic slice of heaven for locals and visitors alike, while the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere encourages patrons to let loose and have fun. Best of all, Kill Your Idol is open until 4 a.m. daily, providing a creative option that is a bit more casual and relaxed than other late-night establishments.

The life-sized Bruce Lee statue is definitely the most eye-catching thing in the bar, and you can always expect to have a live performer or DJ spinning throwback songs and upbeat hits. Feel free to dress as extra or relaxed as you please, but don't be surprised if you see some awe-inspiring characters dancing the night away.


If you're looking for a beautiful bar and a mean margarita, head to Tropezón. The leather barstools, sleek bar top, and brick walls create a transportive and European-esque atmosphere for an Andalusian-inspired menu at lunch, dinner, or just for drinks. The drink program focuses heavily on gin, but even if you don't consider yourself to be a huge fan of the botanical-infused spirit, the innovative cocktails are worth trying. The food menu is big on tapas, encouraging groups to order a variety of dishes to share and snack on throughout the outing.

Not interested in a cocktail? Tropezón also has an impressive wine list and some refreshing sangria that is ideal for supping on during the daytime. You can also explore several different gin fruit infusions.


Understory is another bar that prioritizes great music and immaculate energy. Understory hosts everything from jazz nights to wine tastings, so there is always something fun and exciting going on. Thursday nights are Jazz in the Jungle, which includes live jazz music in the outdoor area surrounded by lush palm leaves and string lights. On Fridays, guests can join for Good Friday, which features soulful jams on the outdoor patio plus tasty food and drinks.

Understory is the epitome of a modern bar, and there's no denying that Gen-Zers will love it. The performances are always captivating and the talent is top-notch. There are also tons of cool nooks and crannies to explore, so be sure to do a loop and stroll around the venue.


Looking to get lucky? 1-800-LUCKY is more than your typical restaurant or bar. This massive food hall spans 10,000 square feet of space and has both indoor and outdoor seating. Those hoping to enjoy a more unique Spring Break day will love being able to hop from vendor to vendor as they try a variety of food and drink. There are seven different vendors to choose from, all of which serve pan-Asian cuisine.

If you're part of a group that has a lot of different tastes, 1-800-LUCKY makes it easy for everyone to get what they want before reconvening at a table for drinking and mingling. Whether you want ramen or a classic banh mi sandwich, snag your goods before posting up under the string lights, or head to the karaoke lounge.

Nathan's Bar

Nathan's Bar has quickly become one of the most popular and beloved gay bars in the city. This inclusive and welcoming spot encourages every patron to have a great time and be themselves. The bar features a hot pink neon sign that catches the eye and draws you in for a cold drink. No matter what night of the week you decide to visit, expect upbeat music, friendly service, and carefree dancing. That said, Nathan's Bar has plenty of special events and nights, so be sure to plan ahead if you're looking to catch some solid deals or enjoy a specific vibe.

For example, on Tequila Tuesdays, patrons can enjoy discounted tequila shots and empanadas. Nathan's Bar is also known to get incredibly involved in the community and local charities so as to create a better present and future for Miami residents and visitors.

El Salón

Located at the elegant Esme Hotel in Miami, El Salón is a transportive and sultry bar that has a speakeasy feel and timeless decor. This lounge is the ultimate place to kick back with a group after a nice dinner before hitting one of the more rowdy bars or clubs in the area. Though El Salón is most popular for its craft cocktails, you can also order some small plates to share and pair. From the empanadas to the roasted beet hummus with yuca arepas, there are some solid apps on the menu that make a lasting impression.

The cocktail menu is divided into martinis, citrus drinks, retro drinks, and tiki cocktails. There are also several different house blends that highlight everything from mezcal to rum, allowing you to experience the true art behind mixology.

Minibar Miami

Minibar Miami is a casual yet trendy bar that has a European-inspired appeal and one-of-a-kind craft cocktails. The bar is on the smaller side, but the diverse decor and wallpaper break up the space nicely and make it feel bigger than it actually is. Choose between sitting on one of the industrial bar stools, in a cozy, tufted booth, or at one of the more private, corner tables.

When it comes to the cocktails, many of the drinks use actual mini-bar bottles and cans to create a fun and unique display that is 100% Instagram-worthy. In addition to the cocktails, Minibar Miami also has a solid selection of all-natural and organic wines to sip on. If you find yourself getting a bit hungry while at the bar, you can order a $5 cup of noodles.

The ScapeGoat

Located in the heart of Miami, The ScapeGoat offers a cozy setting to enjoy craft cocktails and high-quality wines. The style is refined and sleek, and guests can always expect consistency across the board, from the drinks to the service. The music is also designed to pair with the cocktails and vibes, curating an immersive experience all night long. The signature cocktails are without a doubt the highlight of the menu. If you're looking for something light and refreshing, the cognac-forward Rose Petal has an absinthe rinse that offers a unique taste and fun buzz.

The menu also features a list of rotating classics that are always fun to check out. However, spring breakers will love letting loose with some of the fancy shots that range from a sweet Snaquiri shot to an energizing mini espresso martini shot.

Low Key Miami

Looking for a more low-key spot to grab a drink during Spring Break? Head to Low Key Miami. Though the restaurant does have a mellow patio where guests can gather and drink wine, it is far from boring. Snag a booth, or pull some tables together if you have a big group, and enjoy the perpetually sunny weather while sipping on some vino.

There are plenty of wines by the bottle available ranging from white to red to rose. Low Key Miami also has a fine selection of bubbles for those looking to get a nice buzz during the day before heading out to the clubs in the evening. This is also a great place to enjoy some light bites like the Mexican shrimp cocktail, smoked fish dip, or the fresh daily crudo. If you're craving something sweet, end with a slice of key lime pie in true Florida fashion.