Andrew Zimmern's Addition For Perfect Dumpling Texture

Dumplings are a savory dish that is perfect as an appetizer or could even be eaten as a meal. They typically are made from dough that's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, featuring items like minced meat and vegetables. Warm dumplings can also be made in a variety of ways such as pan-fried, boiled, or steamed. Sometimes they are sweet and other times they're spicy, depending on your preference and where you order them. This versatility is part of why they are so universally enjoyed and made in different countries.

Emmy-award-winning chef Andrew Zimmern is also a fan of the meal. The host of "Bizarre Foods" is known for eating fare from all over the world from giant sea squirts in Chile to giraffe weevils in Madagascar. While these foods are a bit more unusual, Zimmern likes to use his own recipe when it comes to traditional dumplings which he said must contain one important component if you want to get the perfect texture.

He said this vegetable is a must for dumplings

When it comes to knowing incredible cuisine, Zimmern is an expert. So when the four-time James Beard Award winner tells us we need to add cabbage to our dumplings, we listen. "For texturally perfect dumpling forcemeat, add steamed, cooled, squeeze-dried and very well minced cabbage to the stuffing mixture," he told Rachael Ray. "Mixing in some crushed ice to emulsify the fat helps too."

The "What's Eating America" star explained on his website there's something "magical" about adding the vegetable to the inside of your dough that will leave you with dumplings that are "light and highly addictive." To ensure the inside doesn't become mushy, it's also important to squeeze out any excess liquid and finely chop all of the ingredients so they can't retain water easily. If you want to create the Zimmern-approved appetizer at home, try our pork and cabbage dumplings recipe that has a robust flavor and takes just under an hour to make.