The Cookie Tip For Perfect Ice Cream Sandwiches

Nothing says summertime like a scrumptious ice cream sandwich, blending the rich, creamy goodness of ice cream bookended by delicious cookies. But when it comes to crafting the perfect ice cream sandwich, not all cookies are created equal. However, there is one quality in particular that makes cookies the ideal partner for your favorite frozen treat.

When constructing an ice cream sandwich, the first factor to consider is the cookie's texture. While crispy cookies may seem like a natural choice for their satisfying crunch, Natasha Case of Los Angeles-based ice cream sandwich company Coolhaus told Tasting Table that a crunchy cookie isn't actually the best choice in this case. 

Crispy cookies often crumble under the pressure of the sandwiching process, but this isn't the only time a snappy cookie can cause trouble for an ice cream sandwich. When you go to bite into the finished frozen treat, the crispiness of the cookie can also wreak havoc. If your cookie has no give, it can smush all of your delicious ice cream out of the sides and make a huge mess. To avoid all of these unfortunate scenarios, Case suggests going for something a little softer. 

Soft cookies reign supreme in ice cream sandwiches

Instead, soft cookies prove to be the superior option, according to Case. Their pliability allows them to bend and conform to the ice cream's shape without breaking, maintaining their structural integrity throughout the indulgent experience.

Case says, "The cookies should be soft and pliable, so you can bite through to the ice cream without it oozing out the sides."

Softer cookies have other advantages too. As the frozen treat begins to melt, a soft cookie will absorb some of the moisture, preventing a soggy mess while enhancing its own chewy texture. The key is to choose a cookie recipe with a tender, moist crumb and a slightly under-baked center to ensure optimal softness. Using melted butter also helps improve the chewiness of the cookie. In contrast, a crispy cookie is more likely to become unpleasantly soggy or lose its crunch.

So, soft cookies are the ultimate choice for crafting sublime ice cream sandwiches. The pliability, complementary texture, and ability to absorb melting ice cream create a delightful harmony between the two dessert components. With a variety of soft cookie options at your disposal, the possibilities for creating mouthwatering ice cream sandwiches are endless.