Restaurant Wait Times Have Little To Do With How Many Tables Are Open

As the week winds down and you're looking forward to enjoying the weekend, many often think about which restaurant they want to head to. Whether it's a new hot spot that just opened or a tried and true find, there's nothing like letting someone else cook for you and not having the stress of planning a meal. Professional chefs also know how to create the most unique dishes that are sometimes difficult to create for ourselves. From black cod with miso to pan-roasted brioche, these culinary experts know how to delight our tastebuds.

There's also something to be said for dining out in a new spot that isn't just at our own kitchen table and letting someone else deal with the dirty dishes. However, it can be hard when you finally get to your favorite eatery, only to find out there's a long wait time from the host. When you're hangry it's tough to be patient, especially if you see open tables that you could be sitting at. But before you get too upset, it's important to note that restaurant wait times have little to do with how many spots are available.

Some eateries are experiencing staffing shortages

If you're about to head to a local bistro and are really hungry, you may want to grab a quick snack before leaving the house. According to a study by Long Range Systems, the average wait for a table while dining out usually ends up being around 30 minutes, per FSR magazine. And even if your favorite food joint has open booths that doesn't necessarily mean a waiter is able to take your order.

A server in Delaware told Food & Wine that customers don't always understand that many restaurants are short-staffed right now. "If you have to wait, just be patient don't start complaining that there are a ton of open tables," she said. "Not all tables can be used and there may only be two servers working."

Another restaurant employee echoed those sentiments to the outlet, noting that staffing is a "nightmare" currently and it doesn't help that everyone is also wanting to eat out right now. So the next time you dine at an eatery try to be patient if you see open tables and remember that if a host isn't seating you right away it's not to make you upset, they are likely just short on waiters.