Starbucks' New Spring Drinkware Lineup Is Bursting With Color

With its most recent development, Starbucks is moving away from the flavors and colors of winter. The coffee conglomerate is no stranger to playing into timely themes, and often embraces the change in season with weather-inspired flavors and colors. Fall, for example, has long incentivized the return of the love-it-or-hate-it pumpkin spice latte, while this past winter unveiled a drink lineup intended to maximize cold-weather comfort and coziness.

Now that spring has almost sprung, the chain is already anticipating warm weather. Think: pastel skies, blooming flowers, and revived green spaces... all with your Starbucks cup in tow.

Yes, the company's newest launch evokes all the best parts of spring by focusing on the season's trademark colors. According to its website, Starbucks has all kinds of spring-related additions on the docket, but the brand has opted to update its drinkware too. The chain's newest lineup of cups, mugs, and the like is vibrant and multi-hued enough to entice both the Easter Bunny and coffee enthusiasts.

Starbucks' new seasonal reusable drinkware

Forget disposable to-go cups. Starbucks is encouraging its customers to bring their own mug — or pick up a new one the next time they stop in for a drink. Guests at participating locations can now purchase any of the options from a new selection of seasonal drinkware, which come in a range of colors and patterns, per the chain's website. Lovers of spring sunsets may gravitate toward the Pink & Orange Gradient Tumbler, while loyal fans can pick up the Green & Pink Grid Cold Cup, which features with the company's iconic logo in full view. 

No matter which one you choose, the collection is all about the colorful. Whether you grab a tumbler, mug, cold cup, or reusable water bottle, you're certain to brighten your day. As further incentive, the brand offers customers a $0.10 discount whenever they use a reusable mug at their go-to Starbucks locale. The cup doesn't have to be Starbucks-specific, but if you're craving your coffee with a pop of color, hop to it. The spring drinkware options are only available to purchase for a limited time.