Why You Should Add Cardamom To Your Morning Coffee

Populations all around the world unite in a routine that gives life and joy to the human race: coffee. It is the fragrant, magical bean that through one whiff has the ability to transport you back in time to a place of zen. No matter if it begins in the early hours, joins you for a mid-day wake up call, or ends a decadent meal, coffee is always there to elevate the situation. Let's step out of our coffee comfort zone and spice things up a bit, literally, with cardamom.

Cardamom is a spice from a fruit harvested in India, Sri Lanka, and Guatemala and has been called the "queen of spices" due to its versatility in the world of cuisine, health, and, of course, coffee. Where here in the states milk and sugar are often joined in coffee by spices like cinnamon and pumpkin, the Middle East has long added cardamom to their coffee.

You'll want to make sure you find the green cardamom as that is the sweeter of the two and is the winning addition to coffee lovers around the globe.

Cardamom adds flavor and richness

Cardamom is a peppery, zesty citrus flavor, similar to ginger with hints of lemon and mint — and it is the richness of the floral aromas that make this unique seed a sure-fire way to add warmth to the soul when savored with coffee. And not just that. It's also super easy to incorporate into your beverage.

Cardamom can be obtained in its pod form, a pre-ground powder, packed capsules, or even in an essential oil. For our new caffeinated beverage infusion, the green pods and pre-ground powder are best used to obtain the desired flavor profile: Start with the coffee beans you chose to brew, add a few of the green cardamom pods, mix them in with your regular coffee beans, and add them to your grinder. From there, brew the same way you would your normal cup and add your milk and sweetener.

When deciding how much cardamom flavor you wish to reach, start off with a small amount and build to your favorite new pallet pleaser. If you enjoy milk in your coffee, try bringing it to a boil and adding in a few whole pods of cardamom, stir for a few minutes, then add to your coffee of choice. If you are in a pinch, simply crush the pods and add them into your cup and let them work their magic on the go.