What Geoffrey Zakarian Says Everyone Gets Wrong About Cooking Steak - Exclusive

You can judge a restaurant based on how they make a steak — if it is tough and dry, that is a good indicator that it is not up to snuff. Geoffrey Zakarian, though, knows how to make a steak; the famous chef has made a name for himself by using quality ingredients and treating them with respect. Zakarian has also had the benefit of years of training and experience, which has made him one of the best in the business. We got the chance to speak with him for an exclusive interview at the 2023 South Beach Wine & Food Festival, where he spilled the beans on some of his best tips and tricks. Of course, we couldn't not ask about his steak — especially when it comes to mistakes to avoid when cooking it.

With a plethora of bad steak around, it is not surprising that Zakarian had a response ready and waiting for us. As it turns out, where most people go wrong with steak starts before they even cook it.

Start at the very beginning

Do not fall for these classic blunders — the first step to cooking a good steak is to buy a good steak. Geoffrey Zakarian told us, "Where people go wrong starts when they're shopping. Buy a dried, prime steak that is about 1½ inches thick." Once you have your quality cut of meat, it's time to cook it. Unlike some chefs who give specifics on what the ideal doneness of the steak is, Zakarian didn't tell us about cook times; after all, doneness is often a matter of personal preference. Instead, he gave one more tip that will help improve the final result no matter how you like to cook your steak.

"People never add enough salt," he said. According to him, salting the top and bottom of the steak simply is not going to cut it: "All four sides of the steak need a generous dose of salt." This ensures you will have a steak that is evenly packed with flavor on all sides. With a well-seasoned, quality steak, you are sure to have a tasty meal every time.

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