How Molly Yeh Makes Magic Dessert Bars Kosher For Passover

Fans of the Food Network's Molly Yeh are likely already familiar with the specific style of the cookbook author, who blends her Jewish and Chinese heritage to create unique and delicious recipes. From savory bites to sweet treats, Yeh's dishes are just in time to help those who follow a kosher diet make delectable bites for friends and family during Passover. And one of those treats she has mastered is magic bars.

Magic bars, also known as seven-layer bars, are a classic dessert that typically features layers of graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips, coconut, and condensed milk. However, graham crackers are not kosher for Passover, so Yeh has come up with a clever swap for the crust while adding her own twist to the beloved confection. In addition to adding peanut butter chips, a self-proclaimed favorite, she also adds rainbow chips to make the bars bright and colorful in true Yeh style. But there's one special ingredient swap the food blogger makes for the graham crackers to ensure the dessert is kosher.

Yeh uses matzo meal for a delicious crust

To replace the graham crackers in her kosher magic bars, Yeh turns to Passover staple matzo. Just like you would crush graham crackers to make a decadent crust, Yeh crushed matzo to form fine crumbs that can be combined with fat to form the crust. She opts for coconut oil explaining that she likes the mild coconut flavor it adds to the dessert. Of course, you can crush matzo until you have the same amount of graham cracker crumbs that you would need to make the original crust. 

And with that quick and easy swap, you can now have delicious and kosher magic bars that are perfect for the holiday. The matzo meal crust adds a unique flavor to the bars, while the chocolate chips, coconut, and almonds provide the classic texture and flavor of seven-layer bars. So, the next time you are in the mood for something sweet during Passover, give these dessert bars a try and taste the magic for yourself.