The Layering Technique For Irresistible Chocolate Bark

Layered chocolate bark is a delicious and visually stunning treat perfect for any occasion. With its combination of different chocolates and toppings, it is a sweet snack-like dessert that is sure to impress. While an array of toppings brings various flavors and textures to the chocolate, the overall presentation will draw your friends and family to your decadent treat. 

If you have ever seen bars of chocolate bark in shops that seem to have two separate layers, you may wonder how the chocolatier made it without the two types of chocolate breaking apart. While some people choose to simply drizzle a thin layer of chocolate onto the primary kind of chocolate that makes up the bark, you can make the thicker two-toned bark at home just as easily. Instead of mixing the two types of chocolate, which can muddle the appearance, you just need a bit of patience to make your layered bark store-worthy.

Allow the first layer of chocolate to almost set before adding the next layer

The key to making irrestible layered chocolate bark is allowing it enough time to almost completely set. Start by pouring your first flavor of chocolate onto a baking sheet and allow it to nearly harden before pouring the second flavor on top. Because these two layers have not totally hardened, the chocolate can more easily bond together. 

This creates a stickier way to prevent the bark from splitting apart or cracking into two separate bars when it is cut into or broken by hand — think of it as you would press toppings such as peppermint or toasted almonds into the chocolate before it has cooled to secure them in place. The second layer is simply another topping that completely covers the bottom layer of chocolate.

While layered chocolate bark can seem like an intricate and intimidating dessert to take on in the kitchen, it doesn't have to be that way. It can be tempting to throw the second layer on quickly, but the method here takes a slower approach. Just pay close attention when the first layer is set so you can work with it as a foundation for the best results. By taking a little extra care, you can create a beautifully layered confection that won't be a mess time the time you bite into it.