The Coffee Brewer You Can Use To Whip Heavy Cream In A Pinch

When the alarm clock rings, it's time for you and your coffee maker to rise and shine. For many, morning rituals are synonymous with making coffee. However, outside of those early hours, coffee makers tend to fall to the wayside. Whether you're a Moka pot fan or stick with a tried-and-true Keurig, you probably use your machine for coffee and then sit it right back on the shelf. Depending on your choice of the coffee maker, the machine likely takes up space, only to justify its spot on the countertop when the need for caffeine strikes. 

However, there's no need to reduce your coffee brewer to just one purpose. While you can surely pop ground beans of your favorite roast right into your machine, you can also find other uses for the apparatus. Keurigs, for example, can brew water for your oatmeal, instant noodles, or hot chocolate. Coffee, who?

Beyond the Keurig, yet another coffee maker is multi-purposeful. This brewer has not only proven great for a dark roast, but it's also useful for a light topping. Ice cream, hot chocolate, pastries — homemade whipped cream serves many purposes and will surely put that coffee maker to use. As for what kind of brewer gets the cream whipped? Here's a hint — with this coffee maker, you won't be pressed to find ultra-fluffy and delicious whipped cream.

Your French press can do more than make coffee

So long, stand mixers. Making whipped cream doesn't have to be an event. With a French press in your cabinet, you can forgo the store-bought canisters and make whipped cream in no time. While there's a science to making coffee with a French press, using it doesn't have to be complicated. Simply pour heavy cream about halfway up your French press. Once the cream is in place, pump the press until its contents begin to thicken and, well, whip.

While a stand mixer may ultimately yield the best texture, the French press gets the job done quickly and efficiently. It's a surprisingly simple technique that makes clean-up a breeze and gets you whipped cream in just a few pumps. Just make sure to clean out your French press ahead of time. Otherwise, you may wind up with coffee-flavored whipped cream. Honestly, that doesn't sound so bad. Of course, if you'd rather keep your French press for its morning use, why not make the whipped cream anyway and add a scoop to your coffee mug? A French press is all-purposeful and great to keep on hand. We'll take a coffee with cream, please.