How Geoffrey Zakarian Gets Perfectly Crisp Potatoes Every Time - Exclusive

On his Instagram, Chef Geoffrey Zakarian has stated, "Every great dish needs an even better side dish." For him, that means potatoes — and we can't blame him. Between being delicious, filling, versatile, and nearly universally loved, potatoes are practically the perfect food. Whether you're preparing a holiday meal or a family dinner, when it comes to a staple side for your table, there is no better choice than a classic potato dish.

In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Zakarian shared with us, "When I can, I'll make roasted Yukon gold potatoes or mashed potatoes — which my kids love. Those two never fail." However, getting that perfectly crispy roasted potato is not always easy. There is nothing worse than soggy, flimsy spuds, so you need to get them right if you want to please everyone at the table. We asked Zakarian what his trick is to ensure perfectly crisp potatoes every time, and he did not disappoint.

Trust the process

Geoffrey Zakarian gave us detailed instructions for roasted potatoes, including a few tricks to getting those nice crispy edges. First, he said, "Start with 1½-inch diced potatoes in a pot of heavily salted cold water. Bring [it] to a boil and cook [them] until a knife can be inserted into the potato with zero resistance." This will get them soft and ready for the pan.

The next step is to drain them, but you do not go straight to the oven after that; allow the potatoes to cool and dry. Only after that do you "add olive oil, crushed garlic, rosemary, thyme, salt, and pepper." Before baking them, though, Zakarian has one more trick up his sleeve — and this one does not include any specialized equipment, but something you'll find in your kitchen. He explained, "You can even smash them with the bottom of a drinking glass to get those crispy edges," since smashing will create more edges and help get that perfectly crispy crunch.

Finally, "Throw them into a 425-degree [Fahrenheit] oven, and give them a shake after 10 to 15 minutes," Zakarian said. By following his instructions, you will get perfectly crispy potatoes ready for even the pickiest of eaters.

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