For More Stable Macarons, Add A Pinch Of Powdered Egg White

Crack open an egg and get to baking. Or, actually, crack open half an egg and get to whipping up some peaks. Any home baker recognizes the versatility of eggs, which are a baking essential, but egg whites are just as useful as whole eggs, especially when baking meringues.

Meringues are a French pastry made predominantly of egg whites and sugar. When whipped, often with cream of tartar, meringues turn foamy, then stiff. The egg whites help them achieve stiff peaks, which are necessary to their success.

While meringues taste great on their own, they play an important role in macarons. Macarons are sandwich cookies made of almond flour, sugar, and egg whites — a version of a meringue. Two meringue cookies are then used to sandwich an assortment of fillings, like white chocolate and raspberry or rose champagne macarons.

Yet because macarons are, essentially, meringue sandwiches, they need egg whites to properly form. Whipping up perfectly stable and textured macarons is no easy feat, but there's one simple way to help those egg whites do their job.

Powdered egg whites enhance stability

Bakers, add another ingredient to your baking arsenal. When it comes to macarons, powdered egg whites are at their peak. Dried or powdered egg whites are great for baking, as they're a safer alternative to fresh egg whites, which require more thorough cooking. They're particularly great in meringues and other pastries that rely on egg whites for texture.

Just a few grams of powdered egg whites should be enough to help balance your liquid eggs. The powder helps stabilize the eggs and makes it all the easier for you to stiffen your meringue mixture. You can whip your eggs, both liquid and powder, into soft peaks. Then, gradually incorporate your sugar.

In some cases, you can even use meringue powder, which is mostly powdered eggs, entirely in lieu of liquid eggs. This powder functions not unlike cream of tartare as a stabilizer. So, if you're struggling with your macaron's texture — or simply want an extra boost — whip out the powdered stuff and whip up your meringue.