The Floral Tea That Perfectly Balances Chocolate Crème Brûlée

It's time to break out your blow torch. Crème brûlée is a top dessert contender — one that doesn't take on too much of a challenge, despite its crackly, caramelized shell. To make your own crème brûlée, you need heavy cream, vanilla, eggs, and sugar. But if you prefer your desserts in the form of chocolate, it's equally simple to keep the custard and caramelization of your brûlée — just add a chocolate twist. All you have to do is mix some chocolate into your classic creme brûlée recipe, and you're left with a changed dessert.

Chocolate crème brûlée is excellent on its own, though dessert can always taste better with a drink. Pair your brûlée with a cup of coffee or tea, and the effect is close to perfection. If you really love tea, however, why not add it right into your creme brûlée? One particular tea complements the flavors of both chocolate and creme brûlée. It's an addition that's as easy as it is floral — and works just as well in your dessert as it does on the side.

Earl Grey brings a lovely floral contrast to the rich custard dessert

Hold the teacup and skip straight to the plate. Earl grey tea isn't exclusive to a drink — it can work in all kinds of desserts. You can incorporate Earl Grey in pie, ice cream, macarons, doughnuts, and of course, chocolate crème brûlée. The popular tea includes black tea and bergamot flavors, complementing your delicate, decadent dessert with a distinctive floral Earl Grey flavor.

You can use tea bags or loose leaves to incorporate the tea into your brûlée. Once you've heated the heavy cream for your creme brûlée, turn off the heat and add the Earl Grey. It should steep for about ten minutes before you incorporate the other ingredients. Lindt suggests a different order of adding the ingredients; the chocolatier heats cream, milk, and sugar before stirring in loose-leaf tea.

No matter which technique you use, you're certain to make a brûlée worthy of an afternoon tea. If the dessert isn't enough heavy enough on the bergamot for you, brew a cup of Earl Grey to go alongside your treat.