Dunkin's New Canned Iced Coffee Comes In 3 Sweet Flavors

Those who run on Dunkin' tend to be incredibly loyal to their favorite coffee brand, and fans who need a Dunkin' every day might already stock up on the company's bottled coffees for an on-the-go caffeine boost when they can't get to a storefront. For those Dunkin' lovers, there's an all-new option hitting shelves today. According to a press release received by Tasting Table, Dunkin' has launched its first-ever canned iced coffees thanks to a partnership with the Coca-Cola Company which is producing and distributing the new item. 

The ready-to-drink 11-ounce canned coffees come in three new flavors for fans to choose from. Inspired by bakery items to give you the ultimate combination of sweet treats and coffee, the new flavors will add several options to the existing ready-to-drink lineup. Now, even if you can't get your go-to donut and coffee, you can still get a sweet jolt.

Dunkin's news canned coffees come in three sweet flavors

As you might have guessed, donut flavors are most certainly among the line-up of new flavors. According to a press release received by Tasting Table, the first is a brownie batter donut. While we haven't tried it ourselves, the company says it has a rich chocolate flavor, and we imagine it will be something along the lines of a mocha iced coffee. Next up is a cake batter donut. According to the canned iced coffee's packaging, it tastes like vanilla cake. Finally, the last flavor is a slight departure from donuts to a coffee cake muffin. This iced coffee beverage is listed as being sweet with a cinnamon kick — just like your favorite coffee cake. 

The good news is that no one will have to wait to try these new coffees. Dunkin's canned iced coffees have already hit shelves across the United States, which means you can find them at all major retailers and Dunkin' coffee shops. So, if you're looking to try the new canned coffees for a two-in-one coffee and bakery treat without the pit stop at Dunkin', add these to your grocery list.