The Symbolism Hidden In Starbucks' Coffee Bag Designs

A brand that needs no introduction, Starbucks is world-famous and loved by many. What is it about Starbucks that its customers love? The taste, of course. You can count on your favorite drink to taste the same no matter which Starbucks you order from.

It's not just the made-to-go coffee that turns people on to the Seattle-based company. Diehard fans who can't get enough are brewing Starbucks at home as well. Online, in grocery stores, and inside Starbucks coffee shops you'll find packaged ground coffee and whole coffee beans, ready to take home so you can let your inner barista run wild.

Packaging of any product, including coffee, is essential and plays an important role in representing a company's brand. A lot of thought goes into the design. The original Starbucks packaging suited them well. Simple brown bags, labeled with what was inside. Since the company began in 1971, Starbucks has come a long way, and so has its packaging.

Symbolism in a Starbucks stamp

Times change and brands evolve. Starbucks is known for its creativity and artistic, hip vibe. As the brand evolved, so has the packaging. You've seen the beautiful stamps on bags of Starbucks coffee. They add color and give customers a better image of what's inside. Rather than a package of coffee beans reading, "Yukon Blend", a fishing boat is stamped on the package as well, representing the Yukon. There are many more.

The wonderful thing about Starbucks' stamps is the thought that goes into them. It's not just a way to help customers choose coffee. Starbucks feels passionate about where its coffee comes from and the people who help get it into your home. Coffee beans take quite a journey before they are placed into a pretty package. Starbucks wants that long journey represented on each bag. Mexico, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, and Ethiopia are some of the stamps we've seen through the years at Starbucks. Eventually, the colorful stamps turned into complete package designs, which are the most colorful Starbucks packages to this day. Still, look closely and you'll find remnants of the thoughtful stamps in each all-over Starbucks package design.