Shake Shack To Offer Affordable White Truffle Fine Dining Experience

Have you ever dreamed of fine dining at a fast-food joint, specifically one known for burgers and milkshakes? Neither have we. But maybe it's time to shake off preconceptions and expand our idea of fine dining. White truffles at Shake Shack, anyone?

Granted, Shake Shack already enjoys a reputation that's elevated for a burger chain, due at least in part to its high standards. Its burgers contain 100% Angus beef that is never frozen and comes from animals humanely raised in the U.S. without hormones or antibiotics. Also, in every city where it has a location, the company sources local ingredients from beloved bakers, fromageries, chocolatiers, and cattle farmers.

For example, the first Shake Shack location in Seattle opened with a menu featuring croissants from Sea Wolf Bakers, dark chocolate from Theo's, Just Jack cheese from Beecher's, and buns from Macrina Bakery (via Seattle Met). What's not to love — especially when all your local favorites cuddle together under one unpretentious roof?

Since the chain has some upscale credentials already, it's not completely foreign to picture yourself sitting at a white-clothed table inside Shake Shack, lifting white truffle burgers from fine china plates and sipping unlimited wine — even though it comes in a can. Don't judge.

Welcome to The Truffle Table from Shake Shack. But don't dawdle — the experience is only available in a very limited capacity and is expected to sell out.

Coming to a table near you — maybe

You have the chance to reserve The Truffle Table for yourself and a guest at one of the 10 participating Shake Shack locations nationwide, according to a press release from the company. Each location has a single designated table for the fancy experience, which will take place for four days only, from February 27 to March 2. It's a prix-fixe tasting menu — priced at $20 per person, plus applicable tax.

The white truffle, a rare luxury ingredient that grows on the roots of certain trees in limited climates, is the star of this Shake Shack fine-dining experience. The special meal features a sauce made from organic white truffle arbequina olive oil from Regalis Foods. This real white truffle sauce laces all of the menu items with creamy, fragrant goodness.

As seen in the company's YouTube video, the menu includes the White Truffle Burger and the White Truffle 'Shroom Burger — both served on toasted potato buns. These burgers are accompanied with fries that are topped with Parmesan cheese and served with white truffle sauce. Everything is served on fine china on top of white tablecloths with lit candles. The elegant beverage pairings for this meal are Shack canned wine from Gotham Winery and a drink of your choice — both served unlimitedly. Obviously, a hand-spun shake made from in-house frozen custard is part of the equation. The sweet treat might provide a little break from all-things-truffled.

Snag a table

According to John Karangis, the executive chef and vice president of culinary innovation at Shake Shack, the exquisite white truffle menu items — along with the wine, table settings, and music — will create "a night you won't forget." There are even bonus gifts for guests: a chocolate truffle from Thierry Atlan and a bottle of Regalis truffle oil.

The 10 locations for The Truffle Table are as follows:

  • West Village, New York City, New York
  • Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, California
  • West Loop, Chicago, Illinois
  • Newbury Street, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Brickell, Miami, Florida
  • Domain, Austin, Texas
  • Rice Village, Houston, Texas
  • Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.
  • Midtown Village, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you live in the vicinity of one of these locations or don't mind driving to get to one, now's the time to book your table for two. It's a ticketed event, so reservations are required. However, be aware that both of the white truffle burgers and the white truffle fries are currently available for a limited time on the regular Shake Shack menu, no reservations necessary — but without the fancy table or unlimited wine. The company has said these menu items will remain until spring, but there's no exact date known yet.