The Crispy Ham Product Bobby Flay Loves To Top Scrambled Eggs With

Scrambled, fried, hard boiled, and poached. With eggs on the menu, you can have breakfast your way. It's no secret that the common breakfast food is versatile, whether you like your eggs on bread or on-the-go. According to Sauder's Eggs, eggs have come to define breakfast routines, and boast all kinds of pros, including various nutrients, health benefits, and even memory-related vitamins.

Beyond all of the benefits associated with eggs, they simply taste great — and scrambled eggs are particularly appealing. You can make yours ultra-fluffy and light with the addition of butter and add sour cream to boost the texture of your eggs. Meanwhile, milk and cream are among the most popular add-ins. However, there's another ingredient that offers a whole new dimension and flavor to your eggs. 

Meat makes for a great breakfast accompaniment that pairs well alongside — or scrambled into — your eggs. Celebrity chef Bobby Flay takes full advantage of meat's potential, but rather than use classic breakfast meats like bacon or sausage, he opts instead for an Italian staple. Flay's chosen Italian meat tastes great on its own, but is equally delicious as a topping to your eggs. With Flay's recommendation, you can turn even the simplest of scrambles into a fancy and flavorful meal.

Prosciutto makes everything taste better

Leave the bacon; Take the prosciutto. While there are all kinds of delicious ways to eat prosciutto, the thin Italian ham isn't just for sandwiches, pizza, or wrapped melon. Rather, the popular meat can be used for many meals, Italian or not.

In a joint Instagram video with Food Network, Flay hones in on breakfast and incorporates prosciutto into a scrambled egg sandwich. Flay uses prosciutto crudo in his video, which is not to be confused with prosciutto cotto: a cooked ham. He fries thin slices of the raw prosciutto in oil and cooks them until they turn crispy. He then tops a slice of focaccia with gooey eggs and finishes off the dish with that crisped prosciutto.

Granted, scrambled eggs with fried prosciutto isn't traditionally Italian, but what better excuse to eat prosciutto at any time of the day? Flay's combination is well worth a taste. It may even convert the most devoted of bacon fanatics into prosciutto aficionados.