Buckingham Palace's Staff Bar Was Shut Down For Being Too Lit

The world has been inundated with the drama and headlines that have unfolded around the United Kingdom's royals in recent years. From the Queen's death in 2022 to the departure of other royals from the family's duties and lifestyle, many people have been keenly aware of the latest happenings. But those who do not doggedly follow royal news, might have missed a headline in 2019 that was well worth reading about. 

As revealed on the TV show "Secrets of the Royal Palaces," Queen Elizabeth II shut down a private bar that had been in Buckingham Palace for the royal staff. It would appear that some staff members may have gotten a little too carried away with the booze, and the Queen had enough.

It's a shame really, because the bar was likely a great perk for the hardworking palace staff. We can only imagine the conversations that would have gone on in that bar — tales of palace intrigue and scandal, and perhaps even a few embarrassing secrets revealed after one too many gin and tonics.

The staff over-served themselves

The bar, which was exclusively for the use of the staff, was said to have been a popular spot for a post-work tipple. But it seems that some of the staff may have taken things a little too far. It's a shame that a few over-enthusiastic drinkers brought an end to things for everyone else.

However, all good things must come to an end, even for the royals. The Queen made the decision to shut down the bar in order to maintain the professionalism and decorum of the palace staff. After all, nobody wants to see the royal footman behaving badly after a few too many pints of ale.

So, farewell to the Buckingham Palace staff bar. It was seemingly fun while it lasted, but we're sure the palace staff has found other ways to unwind after a hard day's work. And who knows, maybe they'll even start a new tradition — the Buckingham Palace tea party, anyone?