The 13 Best Kitchen Finds From Martha Stewart's Exclusive New Amazon Line

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When it comes to cooking tips for home chefs, there is no one we trust more than Martha Stewart. Her effortless style of cooking and entertaining has been inspiring both casual and professional cooks for decades. Now, she has launched her own storefront on Amazon called "The World of Martha," full of practical and stylish home goods and kitchen essentials. The storefront offers a specialized shopping experience with tailored recipes and tips from Martha. Martha Stewart will also be doing some live segments on Amazon using the cookware for her delicious recipes.

Just because she is classy doesn't mean these items are unattainable — some pieces start at just $10. While the home goods are beautiful and well made, it is the cookware that has caught our eye. We have rounded up our favorite picks from her new collection so you can be like Martha and cook like a pro.

Jadeite glass cake stand

Give your pastries the throne they deserve with this handmade jadeite cake stand. It's gorgeous and simple so your cakes can be the star of the show. Martha Stewart has personally endorsed the 11-inch Highbrook cake stand as one of her top picks from the collection of vintage-inspired jadeite pieces. Channel her energy and whip up a decadent Southern caramel cake to serve at your next dinner party.

Why stop at desserts? This versatile piece can also showcase appetizers or fresh fruits, or you could make a stunning centerpiece by topping it with a leafy plant. Jadeite is a type of milk glass that is designed for both style and durability. Vintage jadeite pieces go for hundreds of dollars at online antique dealers, but this modern version comes in at just $37.99. While you could technically put it in the dishwasher, it isn't recommended and will last much longer if hand-washed.

Carving knife and cutting board set

A good carving board is an essential item in any home kitchen. Whether slicing up roasted meat or cubing watermelon, having the right tools can be a game changer. The Goswell carving set from Martha Stewart is the perfect choice for its high-carbon, stainless steel blade, and artisan beechwood board with a built-in juice groove. The knife is designed to be comfortable to grip and easy to maneuver around bones and through cuts of juicy steak. It comes with an accompanying stainless steel carving fork with specially designed tines to help grab onto food.

This set is durable enough to be a workhorse in your kitchen but stylish and elegant enough to use on a tabletop. Bring your roast turkey right to the table on Thanksgiving and carve it up like a pro. Make sure to hand wash after to preserve the wood, and regular oiling will help ensure longevity.

2-Piece aluminum nonstick fry pan set

Every kitchen needs a quality nonstick pan for frying eggs or making crepes, and this two-piece set from Martha Stewart is an excellent choice for any home cook. One pan is 12 inches and the other is 10 inches, so you have the right tool for any job. The pans are oven-safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a major edge over many other kinds of nonstick pans that can't tolerate high heat without losing their coating. The nonstick surface on these pans is made of a durable, PFOA-free, triple-ply reinforced "Platinum SR" material and the interior is lightweight aluminum.

Another cool feature? These pans are dishwasher-safe for an easy clean-up (though hand washing is still recommended for maximum longevity). Compatible for use with electric, gas, induction, ceramic, and halogen cooktops, this set comes at just $64.99. Choose one of three colors: linen, grey, and Martha blue.

Gatwick 7 Qt enamel cast iron dutch oven

Hopefully, you already know what a Dutch oven is and why you need one. The original slow cookers, these pots have a cast iron core coated in enamel for super-even heat distribution and retention. While other enameled cast iron Dutch ovens can go for hundreds of dollars, this 7-quart model from Martha Stewart costs just $79.99. It's available in 15 colors, including the classic Martha blue. The size hits just the right middle ground in terms of size, whether you're cooking for a family or on a solo dining adventure.

Braise chicken, bake casseroles, fry doughnuts, and more with the absolutely essential enameled Dutch oven that Martha calls a "one-hit wonder." It can go from stovetop to oven and is compatible with gas, electric, ceramic, glass, halogen, and induction stovetops. Both the oven itself and the lid are oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

3-Piece oven to table stoneware bakeware set

Be honest — does your bakeware consist of a few random pieces of scratched metal pans? It's time to give your banana bread an upgrade and invest in some quality stoneware baking dishes. This three-piece set from Martha Stewart is the perfect option at just $39.99. Glazed stoneware is both durable and functional, as well as attractive. It's dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and can withstand oven temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. No matter what baking or cooking project you have in mind, one of the sizes in this set (9-, 11-, and 13-inch) is sure to be the right option. Cakes, casseroles, and even roasted vegetables can all be cooked in glazed stoneware, plus it provides a smooth surface that doesn't trap food.

Designed to go from oven to table, this set comes in an assortment of gorgeous colors: cobalt blue, red, yellow, pink, grey, and, of course, Martha blue. Each piece nests inside the other for ultimate storage efficiency.

Stainless steel cutlery knife block set

A good, sharp knife is a cook's most important tool and the secret to success. Retaining a razor's edge on a knife can be tricky, but a soft, wood knife block can help keep that edge for much longer than if you stored the knives in a drawer. Thankfully, Martha Stewart has an excellent knife set that comes with a wood block for storage. Each knife is made of high-carbon stainless steel and features triple-riveted handles that come in three colors: linen, navy, and gunmetal grey. The block itself is made of top-quality acacia wood that's naturally water-resistant.

The set comes with everything you need to cook (and serve) almost anything. It includes an 8-inch chef's knife, a 7-inch santoku knife, an 8-inch bread knife, a 5-inch utility knife, a 3.5-inch paring knife, sharpening steel, a pair of kitchen shears, and six 4.5-inch steak knives.

Beech wood rolling pin

Martha Stewart is known for her outstanding baking recipes that are simultaneously simple and elegant. Anyone interested in recreating some of her homemade baked desserts should invest in a quality rolling pin. The 21-inch beechwood model being sold on Martha's Amazon marketplace is the perfect choice for both beginner and advanced bakers. It's made from solid wood that strikes the right balance between being light enough to be easy to use yet heavy enough to roll even the toughest doughs. Beechwood is known for its smooth surface that won't hold on to the sticky dough and is resistant to warping.

Two handles on either side provide a secure grip and the bearings that make the pin roll is made of stainless steel for durability and an ultra-smooth glide during use. As with most wooden kitchen tools, hand washing is recommended, or avoid water altogether and simply rub with flour to slough off the excess.

Stainless steel whisk set

Maybe you don't think you deserve a good whisk, but you do. A good whisk can mean the difference between creamy scrambled eggs and ones streaked with unblended egg white, or between whipping cream in a flash versus whisking until your arm feels about ready to fall off. The stainless steel whisk set may be one of the better deals from the new line by Martha Stewart as it comes as a set of two for just $12.99. The stainless steel construction is durable and rust-resistant, plus it's safe to go in the dishwasher. The handle is hollow to make each piece more lightweight and easy to lift.

A classic balloon whisk can handle everything from whisking batter to whipping mile-high meringue, while a flat whisk is handy for sauces. If you only have a need for one or the other, they also come sold separately.

Stainless steel gadget set

If your kitchen tools could use more of an overhaul than a quick upgrade, check out the Martha Stewart stainless steel gadget set. It comes with all the essential tools for gourmet cooking, from a balloon whisk to a spider strainer, to a set of quality tongs. Some of the tools come coated with a soft silicone grip to make them easier and more comfortable to hold. Each piece is dishwasher-safe and rust-resistant, so they will last you for years to come.

Other items in the set include a large spoon, a slotted spoon, a turner (or flipper), a slotted turner, a long grater, and a rhombus ladle. This ladle has been specially designed to be able to fit into corners and allow for easy pouring. This set plus a good knife is pretty much all you need to cook nearly anything your heart desires and more.

10-Piece stainless steel cookware set

For the full Martha Stewart experience, you really can't go wrong with the full 10-piece stainless steel cookware set. Just think, instead of a bunch of old, warped, mismatched pots and pans, you could instead have one top-quality stainless steel set that you never have to replace. Stainless steel is the material of choice for most professional cooks who love it for its ability to heat up fast and clean up well without staining.

Each set comes with two fry pans (8-inch and 9.5-inch), two saucepans (1.5 quarts and 2.5 quarts), one 4-quart deep sauté pan with a lid, and a 5-quart Dutch oven that also has a lid. The interiors are etched with measurements to allow for easy filling or to estimate liquid reduction. These pans are safe to use on gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, and induction stoves and are made with an impact-bonded aluminum core.

Stainless steel mixing bowls with lids

Mixing bowls are an essential tool in any kitchen for prepping everything from roasted vegetables to mixing pancake batter. A quality set can last a lifetime, and this set of stainless steel bowls by Martha Stewart is no exception. Each bowl comes with a BPA-free lid to help keep the contents covered if you have to, say, proof a dough overnight or marinate a cut of meat. The base of each bowl is coated in rubber to offer added stability and aid you in tasks that require two hands. Each bowl nests inside the other for streamlined storage and efficient use of space.

The bowls come in three sizes: 1.5 quarts, 3 quarts, and 5 quarts. Each is etched inside with fill lines for super-easy measuring. Like most metal things, don't put these in the microwave. You can, however, put them in the dishwasher for a quick cleanup.

8 Qt stockpot with lid

A large stock pot is something you don't think you need until you do. Having a pot large enough for big projects expands your culinary repertoire, allowing you to steam tamales, simmer chicken broth, or boil a lobster. The 8-quart option by Martha Stewart comes with a handy nested two-piece design, so you can strain out solids in one quick motion without having to run for your colander. It comes in (what else?) the signature Martha blue enamel finish. It has a stainless-steel core for maximum heat distribution. The lid is made with tempered glass, allowing you to keep an eye on things as they cook.

This pot is made to function on all kinds of cooktops and is oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need something a bit bigger, the brand also carries a 12-quart and a 16-quart option with the same luxe materials.

Anti-fatigue kitchen mat

Professional restaurant chefs have a secret to standing on their feet for long hours, day after day. Most kitchens have floors lined with cushy anti-fatigue mats that offer support to ease back and foot aches. This same technology is available to the home cook, with the added bonus of Martha's incredible design and style in this attractive anti-fatigue mat. The mat is both slip and stain resistant and made with a textured and durable top layer. Inside is an air-infused memory foam core, aimed at offering the most support possible. The base has a skid-resistant SBR coating to prevent it from sliding around the floor.

These mats aren't just for the kitchen, either. Put one anywhere you spend a lot of time on your feet, like the laundry room or at your standing desk. The mats come in two sizes and a range of colors designed to fit any space.