The Added Liqueur That Gives Brownies A Kick, According To Nico Norena - Exclusive

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Sick of the same old desserts? Then TikTok star Nico Norena, nicknamed The Succulent Bite on social media, has the answer. Norena's page is  dedicated to elevating classic sweets that everyone knows and loves, like brownies. Brownies can be compared to a blank canvas, as bakers can throw almost anything in them, and it will taste good. Aside from traditional chunks of candy bars, marshmallows, pretzels, and mint, there is something that makes the treat a bit boozier.

In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, the content creator commented on his Date Night Boozy Brownies, which are featured in his first cookbook, "The Succulent Bite: 60+ Easy Recipes for Over-the-Top Desserts." Norena, whose planning on attending the South Beach Wine & Food Festival in Miami, revealed the key to the ultimate fudgy brownie is to add more fatty content (butter) as opposed to relying on leavening agents (baking powder and baking soda). After, mix in a caramel liquor to enhance date night dessert.

Caramel liqueur gives a subtle yet tasty flavor

Beyond adding the typical scoop of ice cream to a brownie, Nico Norena advises one to reach for a caramel liqueur.  

"I like how it brings out the notes of the chocolate in the brownie and that alcohol content," Norena said, "which eventually evaporates." The social media star mentioned that one can also drizzle a bit more of the liqueur on top for a more enhanced taste.

"That elevates the flavor profile overall because of how the alcohol reacts with the overall mix," Norena said, "but also because of the caramel notes that are subtly mixed into the chocolate."  

A liqueur is different from liquor, in which the former is on the sweeter side. Liqueurs tend to have a lower alcohol content with a higher amount of sugar, which allows for it to be the perfect addition to desserts or drinks. 

Caramel liqueur can actually be homemade with unsweetened condensed milk, rum, and/or cocoa. Whether it's homemade or store bought, one gets a delicious brownie that will make for a sweet date night treat.

Learn more about the South Beach Wine & Food Festival on their website. Keep up with Nico Norena's latest recipes on his TikTok page and with his first cookbook, "The Succulent Bite: 60+ Easy Recipes for Over-the-Top Desserts."