President Truman Drank A Shot Bourbon With His OJ Every Morning

Every U.S. president can be said to have brought their own unique appeal to their term in office. Food being as primal as it is, some of said appeal will inevitably be wrapped up in their respective food and drink preferences. For example, President George H.W. Bush despised broccoli enough to ban it from the White House. But even as broccoli growers cursed his candor, H.W.'s fellow broccoli-haters couldn't help but feel seen.

Unfortunately, this did little to sway voters in 1992, when Bush lost his second term bid to the now former fast-food fanatic, Bill Clinton. Clinton was photographed alongside his chosen McDonald's menu items more times than he might now wish to remember — but Americans ate it up. Indeed, if Watergate scandal-disgraced Richard Nixon had chosen to persecute a slightly less popular food than cozy ole soup, which he banned from state dinners, isn't it possible things might have turned out differently for him?

Conversely, it's arguable President Harry S. Truman's appeal over the years has been bolstered by the fact that he did not allow his personal feelings about his alcoholic beverage of choice to color his policy-making. To wit, Truman, who came from a long line of Kentuckians, was and remains famous for his love of bourbon. He's even known to have enjoyed a bracing shooter every morning with his OJ, according to the Harry S. Truman Little White House. Yet in 1947, Truman invoked a 60-day moratorium on all bourbon production.

Harry S. Truman understood the sacrifice he was asking of his constituency

While it's true, Truman embargoed bourbon for a time, it was for humane reasons with a full understanding of the sacrifice he was requesting of his countrymen, in an effort to set aside much-needed grain for the food insecure in other nations.

While experts now wholeheartedly endorse Truman's legacy, his time in office (beginning with the death of FDR, which came just months into his fourth term and in the midst of corruption claims) was something of a rollercoaster ride. Nevertheless, shaking off work stress is not why Truman downed a shot of bourbon every morning.

Apparently, Truman was simply following doctor's orders, which also involved an orange juice chaser and a morning constitutional, followed by a hearty breakfast of eggs, toast, bacon, cereal, and milk, as explained Harry S. Truman Little White House. And though it may seem like an odd practice today, in addition to any supposed health benefits from his morning tipple, the Daily Beast claims Truman's appreciation of America's native whiskey — especially Wild Turkey, Old Grand Dad, Old Crow, and Old Forester – was good for his approval rating, helping ingratiate him to the American people.