Why You Won't See Marc Murphy Pairing Martinis With Steak - Exclusive

Marc Murphy is hosting a beefsteak dinner — so naturally, Tasting Table had to inquire about the "Chopped" judge's best steak tips in addition to what his guests can expect. In an exclusive interview at the Sun Wine and Food Fest, Murphy told us about his favorite cooking methods for preparing steak and his go-to cocktail to pair the meat with. "If I'm going to get a tougher cut, I want to braise it for bourguignon [or] something like that; I'd go the old French school way," the television star said.

"If it's a New York strip, I want that rare. I want a green peppercorn sauce on there," Murphy continued. Of course, every steak needs a delicious drink to complement the meal. While the celebrity chef's beefsteak dinner will feature a bourbon or beer offering with New York-style meat, we couldn't help but wonder which drink Murphy prefers with the classic meal. You heard it here first: It's not going to be a martini. Murphy leans toward wine throughout a traditional steak dinner, and we can't say we blame him.

Martinis just don't pair well with steak, according to Murphy

A common culinary rule is that a type of red wine, like a cabernet sauvignon or a merlot, goes best with a red steak because the tannins in the drink are said to help balance out the rich flavors of the meat. Marc Murphy seems to agree. "I like cocktails before dinner. I like wine with dinner," he explained to Tasting Table, after we asked him which cocktail, wine, or spirit he suggests pairing with a steak dinner.

"I don't understand people [who] can drink a martini throughout their whole dinner. It doesn't pair well. It's weird," the Food Network personality said. But that doesn't mean having a cocktail with dinner is completely off the table. As far as his beefsteak dinner in March is concerned, guests will be able to enjoy a Manhattan that fits well with the "big" and "bold" flavors the steak dish presents.

A Manhattan drink consists of rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters, and a garnish of your preference, making it a solid alternative to red wine if you're really craving a cocktail with your red meat. Along with using these Manhattans to complement his tasty steak, Murphy is planning to cook up some vegetables — possibly some roasted cauliflower, which he said is one of his favorites — to fill up guests' plates.

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