Rémy Martin's Super Bowl 2023 Ad Forgot To Be A Commercial

Some Super Bowl ads are all about products. Others are about feelings. Rémy Martin's Super Bowl LLVII spot was about the latter. The brand's first-ever Super Bowl commercial has tennis superstar Serena Williams enter a locker room of elite athletes. She encourages them to win the game "inch by inch," which is a mantra for some football teams clawing their way for a touchdown.

But then the images turn to a restaurant, a marching band, and a dance troupe standing in for the football team on the field. The motions go through the 60-second spot seamlessly, such as a chef passing a food item that suddenly shifts to a football receiver on the field.

The overall idea? Teamwork and that no one succeeds alone. It's an encouraging message for anyone who relies on others to get the job done every day. However, no one even knows what product or service the ad is about until the last few seconds of the spot.

Serena Williams touted 'authenticity and teamwork' with Rémy Martin

At the very end, we learn that this inspiring ad about teamwork and never giving up is actually for the venerable French cognac, Rémy Martin. The spot ends with a shot of two bottles of Rémy, along with the tagline: "Team up for excellence."

"I am honored and excited to be able to work with Rémy Martin, whose core values are so similar to my own personal principles," Serena Williams told People about the ad. "Rémy Martin is a brand based on generosity, authenticity, and teamwork, all qualities that I have taken great strides to incorporate in my life and my career." 

The commercial and Williams' reasons for doing it are definitely relatable and motivating; however, in this ad, the message may have overshadowed the actual product.