A 6-Hour Salt Water Brine Is The Key To Crunchier Baked Potatoes

Few things are better than crispy potatoes — no matter the form they take. But making ultra-crispy spuds at home can be challenging. However, if there is one person that knows crispy potatoes, it has to be the king of "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" Guy Fieri. Fortunately, he shares his best tip for making the crispiest, crunchiest baked tubers at home. For those who love a fluffy baked tater followed by crunchy loaded potato skins, Fieri's insights are for you. 

According to Insider, to make the most flavorful baked spuds you'll ever taste, the celebrity chef suggests using a six-hour brine. A brine is a solution made of water, salt, and sometimes sugar and other seasonings, that's used to soak food in order to infuse it with flavor and improve its texture (via The Kitchn). In this case, Fieri soaks the whole potatoes in a brine for six hours before baking them. 

This is how the brine improves the potato skin texture

So why does this make such a big difference in the final product? The salt in the brine works its way into the potato, breaking down some of the starches and helping to dry out the skin (via Los Angeles Times). This leads to a crispier, crunchier exterior when baked. And because the spud has been infused with salt from the inside out, you get a more evenly seasoned and flavorful tater.

Fieri also salts the outside of the potatoes before baking them, which further intensifies the crispiness of the skin, according to Insider. The salt on the outside creates a sort of barrier, preventing moisture from escaping and ensuring that the tubers stay tender and fluffy on the inside while the skin gets nice and crispy.

So, the next time you're in the mood for a baked potato, try Fieri's six-hour brine method. The combination of a salty interior and exterior creates a perfect balance between crunch and softness, resulting in a truly satisfying baked potato. Whether you're serving them as a side dish or topped with your favorite ingredients, these brined spuds are sure to be a hit.