How Marc Murphy Recommends Using Leeks In The Kitchen - Exclusive

Have you ever used leeks in the kitchen? If you answered no, then we are right there with you. According to Food Network, the taste of leeks can be compared to that of sweet onions. The white part of the plant is often used to be roasted, sautéed, or pureed into soup (potato leek soup, to be exact). If you are looking for a slightly more robust flavor, the darker green part of the vegetable can be added whole to soup or stock.

Leeks can often be confused with scallions, but they have different tastes, so make sure not to substitute one for the other! Executive chef Marc Murphy is a strong proponent of incorporating leeks into your cooking routine. During an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, the longtime "Chopped" judge elaborated on a recent dish he cooked, spaghetti ai porri, which is basically stewed-down leeks. Now that we've clarified what the vegetable is, how are you supposed to cook with it?

Bake them in the oven

Marc Murphy's first pro tip is to wash leeks "very well." The food connoisseur told Tasting Table at the Sun Wine & Food Fest, "Leeks grow in the dirt. ... I always say that you have to wash them at least three times." Once the vegetable is relatively clean, Murphy has a step-by-step cooking method to make the tastiest side with it. He actually saw the idea on Instagram first, so it turns out celeb chefs are just like us.

"They cut them in half [and] left them whole, and baked them with garlic and olive oil in a dish covered with tin foil in the oven," Murphy explained. The television personality continued, "I also sauté them a lot and finish it off with Dijon mustard," and likened the texture to "a softer onion." You can actually eat leeks raw, if you prefer to throw them in a salad — although, flavor-wise, it would be beneficial to add some dressing.

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