Michael Symon Names His Go-To Barbecue Seasonings - Exclusive

It may not be summer yet, but we are always thinking about good music, sunshine, and most importantly, seasonal eats. According to Statista, the Fourth of July is the most popular holiday for barbecues, with the runners-up being Memorial Day and Labor Day. Michael Symon is known for his grilling, so it only makes sense that Tasting Table turned to the Food Network star for some top barbecue tips.

Michael Symon explained in an exclusive interview at the Sun Wine & Food Fest that the biggest barbecue myth is how "people think barbecue is a sauce and not a technique." There are different seasonings that can pair well with barbecue, depending on which meat you are choosing. Beef often goes well with rosemary or sage, while chicken (which has a blander flavor that allows for more of a clear canvas) can be sprinkled with oregano, coriander, and more.

Don't stress about all of the options, though — because Michael Symon revealed the perfect seasonings for chicken and pork.

Symon is inspired by Texas barbecue

When it comes to herbs and spices on chicken and pork, Michael Symon doesn't go crazy. The "Burgers, Brew & 'Que" host explained to Tasting Table, "I love the style of Texas with barbecue. Most of the time, their seasoning is just salt and pepper, and they get all the flavor from the smoke." Symon elaborated that salt, pepper, and a dash of smoky paprika or Aleppo pepper are the necessary ingredients for a tasty seasoning rub. Aleppo pepper consists of mild chile flakes that are a great flavor enhancer (via Bon Appétit).

The television personality also mentioned that he "always sneak[s] a little celery seed in” because he enjoys the taste. Celery seed is a classic Bloody Mary ingredient that tastes very herbal and acts as an undertone to bigger dishes, like stews or seafood plates (via Simply Recipes). All we need now is for Michael Symon to come to our next grilling party, and we will be all set for a delicious barbecue dinner.

For more information about the Sun Wine & Food Fest, visit Mohegan Sun's website. Keep up with Michael Symon's latest projects on his Instagram page.