Pepsi Is Ushering In Springtime With Returning Peeps Flavor

Easter isn't until April 9, but that is not about to deter Pepsi from getting into the spring spirit. According to Totally the Bomb, the second-largest American soda manufacturer has announced that, alongside its re-formulated Pepsi Zero Sugar and its new lemon-lime Sierra Mist replacement, Starry, a limited-time promotional flavor will be making its way to grocery stores this spring: the company's infamous crossover flavor with Peeps.

As a special promotion for Easter 2021, Pepsi released an incredibly limited run of a special flavor that came in bright yellow, blue, or pink cans and was meant to taste like a combination of Pepsi and Marshmallow Peeps (via Mashed). The catch was that you couldn't just go to the store and buy it, you had to enter a contest on Instagram or Twitter by posting photos of yourself with an actual chick or bunny-shaped Peep with the hashtags #HangingWithMyPeeps and #PepsiSweepstakes, and only 3,170 people were selected as winners.

Well for anyone sad to have missed out on the sugary fun, you may not have to wait long to get your hands on the relaunched flavor to see what all the fuss was about.

Pepsi X Peeps is already popping up in stores

After taking a hiatus for 2022, Totally the Bomb reports the limited edition Pepsi flavor will be returning for Easter 2023. Described as slightly vanilla-tinged and possibly too sweet by Elite Daily and a cross between Pepsi and cream soda by Food Network, this time it seems the festive soda will be available at grocery stores nationwide.

Pepsi will be releasing the flavor, now officially dubbed Pepsi X Peeps, in brightly colored 20-ounce bottles and cans sometime in February, though the bottles have already been cropping up in stores. Instagram user and food blogger @Markie_Devo shared that two of their followers reported spotting the new soda at Walmart.

Unlike Marshmallow Peeps, which come in a variety of flavors, Popsugar noted in 2021 that the color of the packaging does not indicate a different flavor. All three labels were flavored like classic Marshmallow Peeps, and the soda itself looks no different than ordinary Pepsi. The 2023 release appears to only come in the yellow packaging.

If you're feeling experimental, you've got a sweet tooth, or you're just anxious to get a head start on spring, you can check Pepsi's product locator for the closest store selling the limited-time beverage.