The Extra Step You Should Always Take Before Using Pre-Sifted Flour

If you're an avid home baker, chances are you have encountered a few recipes that call for sifting your flour. For those who are not familiar, pre-sifted flour is a type of flour that has been passed through a sifter to remove any lumps or clumps (via Southern Living). This process results in a lighter and finer flour that is easier to measure and incorporates into recipes more evenly.  But if you scoop pre-sifted flour straight from the bag, you still might not reap all of the benefits of using sifted flour. 

When flour is packed into a container, it can become compacted, resulting in a dense and heavy product (via King Arthur Baking). If this flour is then measured and added to a recipe, it can result in a heavy and dense final product, which is not what any baker wants. 

In order to get the lightest, fluffiest baked goods you dream of, you still need to take one extra step. While it is a simple thing to do, it is very important to fluff pre-sifted flour before measuring it according to King Arthur Baking.

This is why fluffing flour is so important

By fluffing the pre-sifted flour, you are breaking up any compacted areas and creating a light and airy product that is much easier to measure accurately. Fluffing the flour is as simple as gently stirring it with a fork or a whisk (via King Arthur Baking). This allows air to circulate through the flour and helps to break up any clumps. Simply stir it gently until it is light and airy.

Once the flour has been fluffed, it's ready to be measured. The most accurate way to measure flour is by using a kitchen scale. Simply place a mixing bowl on the scale, tare it to zero, and then add the flour until you reach the desired weight (via Food Network). This method ensures that you are getting the exact amount of flour needed for your recipe, which is crucial for baked goods where precise measurements are necessary for a successful outcome.

You can, however, spoon the flour into your measuring cup to fluff it according to Martha Stewart. You will need to level the measuring cup to ensure you have the right amount too.

Using pre-sifted flour also has other benefits besides accuracy and lighter baked goods. When flour is sifted, it removes any impurities or unwanted particles, which can result in a cleaner and more refined finished product (via Kitchen Savvy). So next time you're baking, remember to fluff your pre-sifted flour for the best results.