How You Chop Kale Matters More Than You Think

Kale is a nutritious leafy green vegetable that is loved by health enthusiasts for its high concentration of vitamins and minerals. While its health benefits are undeniable, kale can be tough and chewy, making it less desirable for some people. But did you know that how you chop kale can help make it more tender? It's true! It all comes down the how finely the leaves are prepared. 

First and foremost, kale is a tough vegetable because it is naturally high in cellulose, a fibrous substance that makes it difficult to chew (via Cotter Crunch). While there are several ways you can soften or relax kale such as blanching or massaging it in olive oil, there is a much easier step you can take. Chopping kale is faster and easier than blanching, and it doesn't require adding more high-calorie fat to the greens. When you chop kale, you break down the cellulose, making it easier to bite and swallow (via Master Class). This means that your hearty greens are not only more palatable, but it is also easier to digest. But there are other reasons you will likely want to pay attention to how you prep your kale.

Chopping kale also has these benefits

In addition to breaking down cellulose, chopping kale also helps the leave cook more evenly according to Good Housekeeping. When the size of the kale leaves are reduced to a smaller, more uniform shape, then the pieces cook in the same way. That means you'll avoid having some bits of kale that are overcooked and rather mushy, while other pieces might not be cooked enough. 

Another added benefit of chopping kale into smaller pieces before cooking it is that the leaves will cook faster. That means you can spend less time standing at the stove or waiting for the chopped kale to crisp up in the oven. With a shorter cooking time, you can have the meal on the table in less time.

So, the next time you prepare and serve kale, keep in mind that chopping kale into smaller pieces is an important step in making it more tender and enjoyable to eat. Whether you are using kale in a salad, sautéing it as a side dish, or simply incorporating it into your favorite recipes, chopping it into smaller pieces will enhance the dish and make it more palatable. By tenderizing kale, you just might realize how delicious and nutritious it can be.