The NYC Pizzeria Meghan Markle Loves

New York City is known for its incredible variety of award-winning restaurants, but it's also been singled out for one food in particular — pizza. While Chicago is synonymous with deep-dish style pies, the Big Apple is known for slices with a thin and crispy crust, which are large and easily foldable. Eater notes that New York-style pie traditionally uses low-moisture mozzarella to cover the whole pizza and cook it in a gas oven, ensuring a crunchy and satisfying dough. While there are many fans of this delicious dish, Megan Markle might be one of the most famous.

The Duchess of Sussex wrote about some of her favorite places to eat in the Empire State when she was filming there for her hit series "Suits," per The Tig Archives. Markle explained that while she loves the energy of the city, the crave-worthy food is what ultimately keeps her coming back for more, and one specific eatery serves up pizza that has the perfect chewy crust, gooey cheese, and an unparalleled bite. It's so good that Markle says she's even dreamed about it.

A restaurant that's duchess approved

The New York City bistro that Markle said she has a love affair with is Rubirosa, which features Italian-American classics (via The Tig Archives). The former royal revealed that she's been a fan since the first week it opened when tried their vodka pie with a cold beer. According to Rubirosa's website, that version of its pizza features vodka sauce and fresh mozzarella. Markle explained their menu also includes different varieties of pasta, entrees, and desserts that she can vouch for, but it's ultimately their pizza she enjoys the most.

"My normal order is a large pie with vodka sauce, sausage, and broccoli rabe," she wrote (via The Tig Archives). "But on this last occasion, when told that I had to try the 'Honeypie' special (with spicy calabrese atop their classic pie, layered with fontina cheese, roasted garlic and chili flakes, and finished with honey and parsley), I said, 'Well, you insist...Honeypie.' One of the best decisions I've ever made."

So, if you're ever in the area you might want to stop by Rubirosa to try some royalty-approved New York-style pizza. It could be your new go-to place to grab a slice.