The Fruity Vodka You Should Try For A Refreshing Martini

The martini is no stranger to variations — walk into any bar and you can order a martini to your liking. The drink is something of a blank canvas for your tastes and even Julia Child had a preference. The celebrity chef favored the Upside-Down martini, a drink in which vermouth outweighs gin, with a lemony finish.

Now, more than ever, it seems martinis are having a heyday. The cocktail's variations range from dirty martinis, which incorporate olives, to caffeinated martinis, which have become all the rage. In fact, CNN Business declared 2022 the year of the espresso martini, with the coffee-flavored cocktail cropping up in bars and restaurants alike.

But the flavor combinations don't stop with espresso. Better Homes and Gardens is predicting the pistachio martini will be the breakout cocktail of 2023 — and the drink is exactly as sweet as it sounds. Some pistachio martini recipes incorporate almond and orange liqueur, as well as Irish cream whiskey, while others rely on vanilla vodka, pistachio syrup, half-and-half, and both crème de banana and crème de menthe.

Keep these martini recipes on your radar, but add another one to the mix — one that offers a refreshing, fruity-flavored take on the classic cocktail.

A martini with pear vodka is a combination worth pairing

Swap espresso for pears in this refreshing — and simple — cocktail. Cocktails Cafe recommends using pear vodka for a fruity and simple take on the classic martini. To make the most basic version of the drink, you'll obviously need pear vodka, as well as simple syrup and lemon juice.

As for the brand of pear vodka, Kitchen Swagger recommends Grey Goose La Poire, though any kind of pear vodka should do the job. Once you experiment with the basic cocktail — or if you're feeling creative from the get-go — you can let the recipe evolve with other ingredients. Try mixing in some elderflower liqueur for an herbaceous springtime drink. Or, try out additional liqueurs, bitters, and spices. Cocktails Cafe recommends cardamom and mint.

Once you decide on your ingredients, simply combine them with ice in a shaker before straining, per Cocktails Cafe. The method of serving is ultimately up to you, though you can't go wrong with a tried-and-true martini glass (bonus points if you garnish with sliced pear).