The Quick Trick To Reducing The Saltiness Of Feta

Feta is king on Greek salads — not to mention Greek cuisine at large. The salty cheese comes in blocks or as crumbles, though it's certainly not the only Greek cheese worth a taste. Toss some feta with watermelon and mint for a delicious summer salad. Or sprinkle some cheese over your favorite mix of garden greens. With feta on the docket, you can elevate any side dish into a main course. Feta is so flavorful — namely, salty — that even its brine is worth a taste. While you may be tempted to drain the brine, keep it handy to up the saltiness of your favorite ingredients. You can incorporate feta brine into everything from chicken to vegetables to hot sauces. Putting the brine to use means no part of your feta has to go to waste.

Sometimes, however, eating all of your feta cheese can be challenging, particularly if you've had your fill of salt. Feta is one of the saltiest cheeses, alongside blue cheese and halloumi, according to BBC. Thanks to feta's high salt content, Science Direct cites Greek cheese as a high-sodium ingredient. Granted, the saltiness of feta is part of its appeal, though sometimes the taste can be overwhelming. You don't have to settle for over-salted feta on your next Greek salad. There's one simple trick to alter the saltiness of your cheese — and it's way easier than you think.

Give your cheese a rinse to control its salt content

Rinsing cheese under water may sound counterintuitive, but it's a surefire way to control the flavor of your feta. According to Olive Tomato, feta, at its best, is salty, rich, and tangy. While the cheese's flavor is undoubtedly distinct and part of its charm, you can have too much of a good thing. The addition of water will help balance out some of your feta's saltiness. The Spruce Eats recommends briefly washing your cheese under water to give the feta a mild, palatable taste.

This rinsing step is beneficial if your feta comes in brine. The brine keeps feta from drying out and is often necessary for preserving the cheese. However, feta brine is incredibly salty and flavorful. So, per America's Test Kitchen, rinsing feta stored in brine reduces the salt content. This simple and quick step allows you to maximize feta's texture and flavor — while controlling the cheese's taste according to your own.