How Chopsticks Can Help Keep Your Fridge Super Organized

When it comes to organizing a fridge, it shouldn't just be a spring cleaning thing — it should be a regular part of one's routine. Because when all of the condiments, veggies, and leftovers are in their proper places, it makes finding them a whole lot easier and cooking a little more stress-free.

Luckily, there are many ways to keep a fridge more organized, and according to HGTV, one good place to start is with clear bins. Bins are a great way to group certain items, such as sauces, fruit, or seltzer water. When deciding where to place bins, or fridge items in general, consider where your fridge's warm and cool spots are. 

As The Spruce details, the fridge door and the top shelf are the warm parts of the refrigerator, so meat is a no-go for these areas. Dairy is practically made for the middle shelf (lots of room for large milk containers), and the drawers are perfect for produce. The door should be used for condiments, while the top shelf is great for leftovers.

However, one problem is figuring out how to store and stack your leftovers, especially if you've run out of lids for your containers or want to keep them in their bowl. Luckily, a few utensils can help mitigate this — and it's not your typical spoon or fork. 

Chopsticks act as a barrier and lid for your leftovers

Picture this: You've got some bowls and containers filled with leftovers, each wrapped with aluminum foil. How are you supposed to stack these atop each other? Answer: Use chopsticks as a "lid," so to speak.

According to Kitchn, all you have to do is take one of your bowls or containers and rest two individual chopsticks (horizontally) on top of it. This will act as a base for another bowl or container to be placed on top. The distance between the two chopsticks is also important; if they're too far apart from each other, then they won't be able to hold the bottom of a bowl or container since it will most likely fall through.

One Good Thing By Jillee shows that the chopstick trick is also great for large casseroles, such as a double batch of lasagnas. Even large fridges may have a tough time storing two giant dishes, but fortunately, this tip should help maximize the space. Just be sure to tilt each chopstick at an angle and place them on the corners of the casserole dish.

So if the time comes when you need to store a whole bunch of leftovers with no lids in sight — don't fret. Just use this handy-dandy chopstick method to stack nearly anything to your heart's content.