Bobby Flay Knows Exactly What He Would Cook For His Dream Dinner Guest

Bobby Flay may be known for hit TV shows like "Brunch @ Bobby's" and "Throwdown with Bobby Flay," but the Food Network giant has humble roots that date back to his time at Joe Allen's. He seemed to have a knack for cooking — despite being 17 years old — which paved the way for his schooling at The French Culinary Institute, courtesy of the famed theater.

In his spare time, Flay loves to make breakfast sandwiches, play pool, and cook for family and friends during Thanksgiving, as mentioned by Delish. But he also wishes he could cook for a certain dream dinner guest that has since passed — someone by the name of Muhammed Ali.

We're certain that Flay and Ali would have lots to discuss over dinner. For starters, Ali's boxing skills were (most likely) far superior to any other person on the planet, earning him a gold medal and the title of world heavyweight boxing champion in the early 1960s, according to Biography. He was also known for his social activism, high levels of confidence, and claiming he was "The Greatest."

In terms of his diet, Livestrong mentions that the word "healthy" was the name of Ali's game. Things like eggs, chicken, steak, vegetables, and fruit were daily meal staples, while water and juice were his main beverages of choice. However, if he were alive, Flay would whip him up a meal that's a far cry from his normal fare.

Based on Muhammed Ali's birthplace

Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. (Muhammed Ali's real name) had to start somewhere, and that place was in Louisville, Kentucky, which would, hypothetically, serve as Bobby Flay's menu inspiration for the legendary boxer. As he stated to Delish, "I would prepare a meal using ingredients from that region. Bourbon-glazed pork chops, cheesy grits, buttermilk biscuits, and whatever else the Champ wanted."

For those that don't know, Louisville's culinary scene is like a mix of Southern, Midwestern, and farm-to-table, according to Kitchn. Local favorites include cornbread pancakes, fried chicken, the open-faced sandwich called Hot Brown, and plenty of bourbon drinks. And it seems like Flay would want to stick to these Kentucky traditions while making the meal more refined for Ali.

Many of us have dream dinner guests, whether it's cooking for someone we admire or sharing a meal and having great conversations. And Flay is no different in that respect, as his dream dinner guest isn't just any boxer, but "The Greatest" of all time.