Ben & Jerry's Latest Flavors Are A Rich Take On Classic Desserts

Everyone who knows ice cream knows Ben & Jerry's. The ice cream mega-giant is one of the best ice cream brands on the market. You can pick up a pint of your favorite flavor at most grocery stores or opt for a cone or cup at a Ben & Jerry's shop. Either way, you're sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Yet while loyal Ben & Jerry's fans already know what they like, you can never have too many options. Two new flavors have been added to their ice cream arsenal that you'll be able to sample long before summer — ice cream season — officially begins, according to a company press release

These latest ice cream flavors will join the wide range of flavor classics, which already include something for everybody. You can buy a pint with peanuts, without dairy,  or opt for any number of coffee flavors. But why stop there? You can alternatively enjoy dessert with your ice cream — something both of Ben & Jerry's latest flavors guarantee. The company's newest ice cream options take the best of both pie and cheesecake, combining them with dairy's coolest treat.

You can now try a scoop of Bossin' Cream Pie and Raspberry Cheesecake

Ben & Jerry's has added Bossin' Cream Pie and Raspberry Cheesecake to its ice cream repertoire, according to a recent press release. These flavors are launched as part of the company's Topped line, which consists of ice creams paired with a chocolate topping (via Ben & Jerry's).

As for how they taste, the Bossin' Cream Pie flavor embraces the best of its namesake, the Boston cream pie. It's vanilla ice cream layered with cake chunks, pastry cream swirls, and a layer of milk chocolate ganache. Likewise, the Raspberry Cheesecake is exactly as it sounds; it's a cheesecake-flavored ice cream with white chocolate ganache, graham cracker topping, and raspberry swirls.

These are now available wherever pints are sold, though only time will tell how they stack up against Ben & Jerry's classics. Half-baked and Cherry Garcia are two flavors that are consistent fan favorites, but B&J's are always working up a fresh crop of them. With these recent additions, there's no time like the present to grab a cone. Two scoops, please!