The Best Rim For Your Pineapple Margarita Isn't Salt

Pineapple margaritas are a refreshing and delicious cocktail perfect for summertime sipping. If you've never tried one, a classic pineapple margarita is made with tequila, pineapple juice, and lime juice, shaken and served over ice. The key to making one is to use fresh pineapple juice, as canned juice can be too syrupy and sweet and lacks the brightness of the real thing (via MasterClass). To make your own pineapple juice, simply blend fresh pineapple chunks and strain the mixture through a fine mesh sieve (via Immaculate Bites).

If you're feeling adventurous with the cocktail itself, Laylita suggests adding some passionfruit purée or some mango juice to the mix. If you need more sugar to match the strength of the spirit, try adding a touch of honey or agave syrup to sweeten the drink. Feel free to get creative with tropical additions, but don't lose sight of the beautifully balanced combination of pineapple, tequila, and lime. 

Once you've had a rimmed margarita, the drink simply looks incomplete without it. So, obviously, the same is true for taking your pineapple margarita to the next level. And it's an easy way to shake things up without changing what's inside the glass. But you won't be turning to salt for this margarita. 

Rim the glass with sugar and chili powder

Sugar is a classic choice for rimming the glasses of many different cocktails. Not only does it add a little sweetness to the drink, but it also gives the rim a nice, crisp texture. And when paired with the tangy sweetness of pineapple, sugar is the perfect complement. But here's where it gets interesting — adding chili powder to the sugar takes the rimming game to a whole new level (via MasterClass). Chili powder may seem like an unlikely addition to a cocktail, but the heat and smokiness of the chili powder provide a beautiful contrast to the sweetness of the pineapple and sugar. It adds a little bit of spice to the drink and a unique depth of flavor that you won't find in a traditional salt or sugar rim alone.

To make the chili sugar rim, simply mix together equal parts sugar and chili powder on a plate. Then, run a lime wedge around the rim of the glass and dip it into the chili sugar mixture. You can adjust the chili powder to your liking, depending on how much heat you prefer. So, grab some friends, mix up some pineapple margaritas and rim them with sugar and chili powder for a truly unique and delicious experience.