The Best Type Of Cheese To Slice With A Cheese Plane

Cheese is a staple in many households and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. One popular method for serving it is to slice it with a cheese plane. If you've never used one, it's a kitchen tool that allows for thin, even slices of cheese to be cut with ease (via Chef's Vision). Of course, when it comes to serving items like cheddar, presentation is key. And slicing it with a cheese plane will create beautiful layers to place on a charcuterie board. Another advantage of slicing it yourself is that it also allows you to control portion sizes.

But not all dairy products are well-suited to be cut with a cheese plane. When it comes to selecting the best types of cheeses to slice with the kitchen gadget, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, it should be firm enough to hold its shape while being sliced. Soft, creamy options like goat cheese will not work well with a cheese plane, as they will simply smear and make a mess. Instead, use this device for semi-hard cheeses that have a consistent texture throughout, per America's Test Kitchen.

Try using this kitchen tool with these cheeses

With these factors in mind, there are plenty of dairy products that are perfect for slicing with a cheese plane. One option is a classic cheddar, which has a firm texture and is easy to cut into thin, even slices (via Castello Cheddar). Other options include gouda, parmesan, Jarlsberg, and comté cheeses. 

Gouda, a semi-hard cheese from the Netherlands, has a smooth texture and a nutty, slightly sweet flavor. Pair it with crackers or fruit for a delicious snack. Parmesan is a hard, aged cheese that has a nutty, slightly salty flavor and a granular texture (via Cheese). Jarlsberg, a Norwegian cheese with a smooth texture and a mild, nutty flavor, is perfect for slicing with a cheese plane (via Cheese House). Finally, the French cheese, comté, is even textured with a mild nutty, slightly sweet flavor. 

So, when looking for the best cheeses to slice with this kitchen gadget, look for options that are firm, have a consistent texture, and, of course, have a delicious flavor. With a cheese plane, you can easily create beautiful and delicious charcuterie boards for any occasion.