The Reason Savory Soufflés Don't Rise As Easily As Sweet Ones

Soufflés are a classic French dish that can be both sweet and savory. While both types of soufflés are made with similar ingredients, such as eggs and butter, there are some key differences that can affect how easily they rise. In general, a sweet version tends to rise more easily than a savory kind. However, that likely leaves most home bakers wondering exactly why this occurs. 

One of the main reasons is the sugar content. Sweet soufflés contain sugar, which helps the batter to rise because of the traction it lends to the batter (via Epicurious). As the batter begins to cook and rise, the sugar acts as an edible rock-climbing wall that the batter can hold onto.

Another factor that can affect the rise of a soufflé is the type of cheese used, per Serious Eats. Savory soufflés tend to use harder cheeses, such as Gruyere, and harder cheeses can be more difficult to incorporate. Such cheeses tend to be heavier, which can weigh down the batter, according to MasterClass. In fact, any ingredient that is too heavy can cause this to happen.

Timing also plays a vital role in the success of soufflés

Something else to consider is the timing of your soufflé. When you decide to serve the sky-high dish can have a significant impact on the way it rises (via The Washington Post). No matter the type of soufflé, it needs to be served immediately after baking. It's not a dish that can sit after it comes out of the oven because it begins to set as soon as it's removed from the heat, which means it will begin to fall very quickly. 

So, while the ingredients play a key role in the success of both sweet and savory soufflés, both are subject to setting once they are baked. However, don't be discouraged by a less-than-perfect attempt at making this type of baked dish. Perhaps you should start with a sweet soufflé and work up to the challenges of a savory soufflé. Keep in mind that there are simply additional considerations when baking either, but the process remains the same. With practice and experience, it is possible to achieve a perfect savory soufflé.