Brach's Introduces New Friends Themed Conversation Hearts For Valentine's Day

Conversation hearts, those tiny little candy hearts with cute messages printed on them, have been a Valentine's Day staple for decades. And they're perfect for anyone who wants to express their feelings without having to say them out loud. But the endearing messages on these candy hearts, such as "Be Mine," "Kiss Me," "Soul Mate," and "Sweetie Pie" might feel a little outdated — especially this year. 

Fans of the beloved show, "Friends," likely remember the episode, "The One with the Candy Hearts." Who could forget the dateless girls' cleansing ritual, Chandler's blind date with his ex-girlfriend, Janice, or how Ross snubs his V-day date to make conversation with his ex-wife, Carol (via IMDB)? And this year, Valentine's Day is going to be extra cute and ironic as Brach's is going all in on the Friend universe. According to a press release received by Tasting Table, the candy company synonymous with the adorable hearts is launching limited edition Friends conversation hearts that will feature some of your favorite lines and a few new flavors too.

Share Friend-ly jokes with Brach's Conversation Hearts

According to the press release, Brach's limited-edition conversation hearts were made in partnership with Warner Bros. to feature a whopping 26 phrases from Friends on the small candies. A few of the iconic quotes to be written on the hearts include, "UR MY LBSTR," "MOO POINT," and "ON A BREAK." But it isn't just the cute messages on the candy hearts that are being updated. The Friends hearts will consist of six flavors including Watermelon, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pineapple, Cherry and Orange. According to the company website, Brach's traditional flavors are lemon, banana, cherry, grape, orange, and wintergreen.

While you will still be able to find Brach's traditional candy conversation hearts at nationwide retailers, look for the limited-edition "Friends" candy hearts nearby, as the two will be available side-by-side. And if sharing an inside joke with your fellow "Friends" fans isn't enough to get your point across, you might even consider picking up a bag of Brach's sarcastic End The Conversation Hearts too.