Why It Pays To Cover Warm Cake In Plastic Wrap

When it comes to cake, there are few things more disappointing than a dry, crumbly slice. Whether you're serving it to guests or simply indulging yourself, a cake that's not moist is just sad. But there's an easy way to prevent this dryness, and it only takes a few seconds. According to The Kitchn, you should try wrapping hot cake layers in a pantry staple — plastic wrap. That's right, plastic wrap. It may not sound like the most gourmet solution, but it really works. 

When you bake a cake, the heat creates steam. By trapping that steam inside the cake, the moisture is also trapped. So, if you wrap the cake while it's still warm, that steam will be trapped inside, keeping the cake moist. This long-held industry practice is a perfectly acceptable way to achieve the best results even if it does work against your kitchen instincts. Unlike other foods that you let cool before storing, the steam that's trapped won't actually make the cake soggy. Though some bakers prefer to soak cakes with simple syrup, wrapping warm layers is just as effective. 

Leave the layers in the cake pans

You can wrap cake layers on their own or still in the cake pans (via Sweet Bytes). If you're transporting the cake somewhere, it's easier to wrap and transport the cake pan with the plastic-wrapped cake still inside. The cake pan even acts as a protective barrier inside a cramped fridge too. Just be sure to let the cake cool completely before unwrapping it, or the condensation will make it soggy (via The Kitchn).

If your cake is already over-baked and you're worried it's too dry, plastic wrap still stands a chance of saving the layers, according to The Kitchn. By wrapping over-cooked, dried-out layers in plastic wrap, the remaining moisture will be forced back into the cake. So, next time you bake a cake, don't forget to wrap it in plastic wrap while it's still warm. It will make a big difference in the moistness and texture of your cake. It only takes a few extra seconds and just might save an otherwise dry cake.