Can You Bake A Soufflé In Cast Iron Cookware?

The delicate soufflé. Many have tried, many have failed, yet most people enjoy eating them. The soufflé may scare even the best cooks away, due to its fragile state and a rather needy personality, notes Great British Chefs. However, it makes up for all of that with its light airy texture and delicious flavors. A soufflé may be served as a meal, such as an egg dish, or also as dessert in flavors like chocolate or vanilla.

There's no need to shy away. The soufflé, like many wonderful dishes, just takes a little practice. The biggest mistake people make when baking a soufflé is going into it with fear and self-doubt. You can make yourself nervous that the soufflé may fall flat, and that in itself sets you up for failure. Instead, decide you're going to have fun making a soufflé and enjoy the adventure.

After choosing a soufflé recipe that makes your mouth water and gathering your ingredients, you'll have to choose a proper dish to bake it in. In most pictures, you'll see a soufflé in the classic white ramekin dish. Those work beautifully; however, one dish is often overlooked and works just as well: cast iron cookware.

Cast iron souffle

A soufflé is truly a work of art and must never be rushed. It needs to heat slowly so it has time to puff up into that classic soufflé shape you want to enjoy. For this, cast iron cookware is the perfect solution. Lisa Odegard, the author of the cookbook, Cast Iron Desserts, tells, "Because cast iron takes so long to heat up, it allows the souffle to push up and cook properly." It turns out that there are many great uses for cast iron cookware beyond the campground.

When taking on the challenge of baking a soufflé in a cast iron dish, Lodge Cast Iron writes that it's essential to use a nonstick spray before baking, and then clean your cast iron dish immediately after eating or emptying out what you've created. Further, you should coat the cast iron with oil after use, to keep it working well as a nonstick surface. A soufflé is always worth the effort, and one of the best ways to use a cast iron skillet or dish is as a tool to perfect your soufflé.