13 Coffee Subscription Services, Explained

There are so many reasons to love coffee. Not only is it delicious, but it provides that ever-necessary pick-me-up for people worldwide. For many, that daily morning boost is an essential beginning to the day. Even though many love ordering their coffee from a local shop, many coffee lovers are committed to preparing that daily cup of joe at home.

Choosing the right coffee amount and type or flavor can be challenging for those who take the time to prepare coffee at home each day. Coffee subscriptions help remedy these issues, and since there are so many different types of subscriptions, there's almost certainly the perfect option for anyone. Plus, with brands like Cometeer, you don't even need a coffee maker to prepare a delicious cup. On the flip side, if you have a specific machine like a Nespresso or Keurig, there are subscription services that can keep your stockpile in good shape. If you want to travel the world through your coffee, there are excellent services that can help fill your coffee passport. No matter your coffee preferences, there is a coffee subscription out there that can keep you well-stocked with delicious, crave-worthy coffee.


When you think about the different ways to make coffee, chances are good that you imagine different types of coffee makers. Between drip, expresso, pour-over, Aeropress, and others, there are an incredible number of ways to make coffee. But Cometeer looks at coffee quite differently. You don't need a particular machine or unique skill to make a cup of coffee from this company. Instead, you'll just need to push those frozen peas aside and make some room in your freezer.

Cometeer sells its devoted customers frozen, concentrated capsules that even made TIME's "Best Inventions" List in 2022. Cometeer makes it easy to prepare your coffee: Defrost the capsule a little, peel back the foil, and dump it into your cup. Then add hot water on top, and you have a delicious cup of coffee. For an iced version, simply defrost the capsule in the fridge, pour over ice and a little water, and now you have a fabulously flavorful cup of iced coffee.

To subscribe, you'll choose a roast between options that range from dark to light, with half steps in the middle. You can also select the mixed option if you like to change it up. Then, when you subscribe, you'll get a total of 32 different capsules that will be in four roasts. If you're unhappy, you can cancel or pause your subscription anytime. At $69, you'll be paying under $2 a cup, so it's a pretty sweet deal.

Atlas Coffee Club

Depending on where your coffee originates from, the tasting notes and experiences are different. Most people will never get to travel the globe trying different coffees in the most distant locals, but Atlas Coffee Club aims to change that. Something of a coffee tour guide, Atlas uses single-origin coffee, artfully roasts it according to the best practices for that local, and delivers that coffee straight to you. Rather than producing in mass, Atlas roasts in small-batch portions to ensure that your coffee has been carefully attended to since the beginning.

There are plenty of perks to joining Atlas Coffee Club. You'll love the attention to detail and the fact that this coffee isn't on shelves elsewhere — you can only find it through Atlas. The subscription is also quite flexible. You can set your own schedule and skip or change it around whenever needed. When subscribing, you also get to select whether you want your coffee to arrive whole bean, ground, or even in Keurig capsules. Atlas will even grind your coffee to suit your specific coffee maker, including cold brew steeping.


Selecting a new coffee can be tricky, even if you know what you enjoy. If you don't know exactly how a coffee tastes, you may feel cautious about making too big of a leap based on information like tasting notes alone. That's where companies like Trade are convenient. This subscription service begins with you, and you'll get coffee sent your way that is ideal for your specific tastes. Those roasts will come from local indie roasters from all over the United States that are creating coffee in small batches, perfect for you.

You'll begin your subscription by selecting the type of coffee you enjoy. Trade offers several choices, including light, medium, dark, decaf, espresso, single origin, or a surprise. Next, decide whether you want your coffee whole or ground to your specific type of brewer and then how much coffee you want. Because Trade doesn't want you to go without fresh coffee, it won't deliver it until you're ready. So, for example, if you get three bags a month, Trade will do three separate deliveries to ensure your coffee stays as fresh as possible.


For a latte that will feel straight from the coffee shop without the coffee and dairy, look no further than Clevr. This product line has several plant-based SuperLattes, including the Rose Cocoa, Coffee, Golden, Mocha, Chai, Sleeptime, and Matcha. Each of these powders gets mixed with water, has a delicious coffee shop texture and taste, and even includes adaptogens, mushrooms, and superfoods. Though a little different from typical coffee companies, Clevr is loved by some high-profile names, including Oprah.

If you're looking for the Clevr option most similar to coffee, the Coffee SuperLatte should be your first stop. Clever says this drink offers you a stable amount of energy and focus to work through your day, adaptogens to help mitigate stress, as well as some probiotics to help your digestion throughout the day — and those ingredients should go to work nearly right away. This latte is smooth with a bit of nuttiness and offers 50 milligrams of caffeine per serving. When you subscribe, you'll choose between deliveries of 14 or 30 lattes at a time. That means that you'll receive enough powder to make a specific number of lattes if you follow the measurement instructions on the package.

Wandering Bear

Cold brew coffee has changed the game for iced coffee lovers. While you could visit one of the big chains and get your fix after dishing out a nice bit of dough, you could also make your own cold brew from home. The trouble is that cold brew has quite a hefty steep time and can be rather inconvenient. Thankfully, there's Wandering Bear.

Wandering Bear prides itself on offering cold brew that is always fresh and available via tap right inside your refrigerator. This coffee comes out deliciously cold and strong with roughly the same amount of energy as two espressos in each cup of cold brew. Not to mention, it comes black with no sugar or creamer added.

You'll get to choose from several variations, including black, vanilla, caramel, mocha, hazelnut, peppermint mocha, and pumpkin spice. Plus, Wandering Bear takes 10% off your order when you subscribe. This means that you can choose your favorite flavor of cold brew and have it delivered on a regular basis, and all you need to do is place it in your fridge to access at your leisure.

Partners Coffee Roasters

If you would prefer a coffee subscription that is very easy to manage and relatively straightforward, Partner's Coffee Roasters would be an excellent choice. This coffee subscription coffee's goal is simple: Keep coffee coming your way so you don't need to worry about running out. There's free shipping and even a text-to-manage service that allows you to manage your coffee subscription simply by subscribing to the text club and then using your phone's text message feature to connect to Partner's service. Need to add a bag because you have company coming into town? No need to hop on the phone to make a call. Instead, simply send a text. This subscription couldn't be easier to manage.

Partner's Coffee Roasters is pretty straightforward, but there are still many options. Plus, when you make your subscriptions, you'll have the opportunity to choose the size of your bag and the type of ground you want. There are even cold brew pouches so that you can easily brew your fresh cold brew regularly. Plus, since it comes in a pouch, all you need to do is add water to a pitcher to make delicious iced coffee.


Adventurous coffee lovers, rejoice! YES PLZ is going to hit it out of the park for you. Each week, it roasts and packages a new, limited-release coffee and sends it out to subscribers. This way, you'll be able to enjoy an ever-rotating coffee. YES PLZ's ambitious goal is to create a cup of coffee you'll love every week. Different from other subscription services that aim to suit your specific wishes regarding coffee, YES PLZ sends out one roast hoping it hits the nail on the head every single time.

When you subscribe, you'll choose between the mix, single origin, and decaf. Once you make that base choice, you'll select a 12-ounce or 8.8-ounce bag. Regardless of your choice, count on the coffee being fresh and different each week. While many brewers offer ground or whole bean coffee, YES PLZ coffee only comes in whole bean coffee, so be sure you have a grinder ready to use at home. Even though this is an extra step, there's nothing quite like freshly ground beans.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co

When a coffee company has a mission, beautiful things develop. In the case of Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co, this mission is to help support dogs in between homes. This company dedicates 20% of its profits to ensuring pups have a safe place to call home.

Like other coffee subscriptions, you'll begin by choosing between ground, whole bean, and single pods for use in your Keurig machine. Then, you can select either a specific kind of coffee or a collection of rotating coffees. You'll also pick the number of bags and frequency with which you want them delivered. Before continuing to check out, the website calculates your impact on the number of meals your contributions will create in a given year.

With coffees devoted to protecting pups, there are plenty of flavors that focus on doggie topics. The timely Puppy Bowl Blend, for example, is a smooth medium roast from Guatemala and Papua New Guinea.

Boon Boona Coffee

If coffee is an integral part of your morning, chances are you have a ritual for your preparation. Boon Boona Coffee celebrates the East African coffee ceremony, which involves roasting up raw coffee beans and brewing up those toasty beans in a clay pot called a jebena. People do this both at home for their daily coffee and when guests visit.

Boon Boona grew from founder Efrem Fesaha importing green Ethiopian coffee for families to roast fresh in the United States to actually begin selling already roasted beans. Now, you can enroll in a subscription to support the relationships Boon Bonna has with coffee producers in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, and other quality coffee locales.

For this subscription, you select two coffees and how often you want them delivered. You'll get consistently great coffee without the concern of whether you'll enjoy the coffee chosen for you. This subscription is perfect for the coffee lover longing to partner with a company that roasts consistently great coffee and supports its farmers.


Driftaway does nothing the easy way, and that's just the way the founders want it. Down to the smallest packaging detail, Driftaway pays the closest attention to the product it creates and offers customers. Creating something worthy of the creative process is at the heart of everything they do, and the subscription process is no different.

Driftaway's coffee subscription focuses on single-origin coffees, and it all begins with the explorer kit. Using this kit, you'll do a coffee tasting over a Zoom call or on your own through a self-guided study. After that, you'll choose your preferences to help develop your subscription that is finely attuned to your own tastes. After that, Driftaway begins sending you coffees that you'll love. Since the explorer kit is a "blind" taste test, Driftaway can be sure that you are not letting your personal biases or former, perceived preferences guide your selections.

For your subscription, you'll choose from whole bean, ground, cold brew, or decaf. If you prefer to skip the tasting process altogether, you can do that too.


Nespresso, like Keurig, offers coffee with a side of convenience. These coffee makers allow users to put in a single pod equipped with delicious ground coffee and brew a delightful cup. There are two categories of machines for Nespresso: Original and Vertuo. The Original line produces espresso, while the Vertuo offers more flexibility and even the ability to make lattes.

Once you fall in love with your Nespresso machine, the last thing you want to happen is to run out of coffee. Thankfully, Nespresso has a way to help ensure this pitiful fate does not befall you. To keep yourself always stocked with coffee, sign up for EasyOrder. This subscription service allows you to stock up on your favorites and receive a free coffee sleeve when your order exceeds $75. In addition, we've noticed that Nespresso also likes to send in little tester capsules now and again to help you try new flavors. Since you can manage your order however you like, you also have the ability to modify or even cancel whenever you want.


Illycaffè got its start in 1933 when Francesco Illy founded the company. Today, it is known for its quality products that coffee drinkers worldwide enjoy. With everything from ground coffee to machines, illy has everything you need to enjoy a great cup right from your kitchen. Not to mention, one of its subscription options offers you the ability to get a new coffee machine as part of your purchase.

You'll begin your coffee plus machine subscription by choosing a machine for your plan. Illy offers espresso, pod, and even ground coffee machines. With the cost broken down over time, your monthly payment is much less than if you were buying the whole machine at one time. Plus, you get to enjoy your machine and coffee right away. After selecting your machine, you'll decide what size plan you want. This helps decide the amount of coffee that will be sent to you and how often. All told, if you're looking for a new machine and fabulous, straightforward, well-made coffee, illy would be an ideal coffee subscription for you.


While there are plenty of subscription services catering to coffee lovers with Keurig machines, Keurig also offers a subscription service with the option of making it smart. With the regular coffee subscription services, you'll decide your delivery schedule and which coffees get delivered to you, and you'll save 25% on that order. The nice part about any Keurig subscription is that it allows you to pick from the rather vast collection of Keurig pods.

If you have a newer Keurig machine with the BrewID technology, you can even sign up for SMART delivery. BrewID will pay attention to the pods you use as well as your stockpile and will allow for automatic renewal when you run low on those pods. It is the ultimate personalized coffee subscription because it is specific to your habits. Plus, you can alter your subscription service to add different flavors and try new options. If you have family members who do not drink coffee, Keurig also offers tea and hot chocolate so that you can always have a warm beverage for everyone, even if they aren't coffee drinkers.